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Merinov, a Center for Applied Research in Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Product Processing, is a prominent player in Eastern Canada’s blue economy. It holds the distinction of being the largest integrated research center in Canada dedicated to these fields. Since its establishment in 2010, Merinov has been committed to serving as the de facto R&D department for small and medium-sized businesses in the region. It accomplishes this by providing expert guidance from multidisciplinary teams throughout the entire innovation cycle, from the sea to the consumer’s plate. These tailored services encompass research, support, and marketing. Located at the heart of Quebec’s largest fishing communities, Merinov is renowned for its close ties to the industry.

Our multidisciplinary teams are recognized for their expertise in biology, microbiology, biochemistry, engineering, and food processing. They carry out projects across the province and the Maritimes, employing over a hundred dedicated employees in Gaspésie, the Magdalen Islands and Halifax.

Merinov’s mission is to enhance the competitiveness and sustainable development of the industry through research, development, and technology transfer. In addition to its core activities, Merinov manages the Centre collégial de transfert de technologie (CCTT) des pêches at the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles. Collaboration is deeply ingrained in our approach, contributing significantly to the success of our projects. These projects yield concrete results and solutions that align with community expectations, thanks to the active involvement of our partners from the earliest stages of innovation.

Merinov provides small and medium-sized enterprises with access to pre-industrial research infrastructure valued at $25 million. This support alleviates the substantial risks and investments associated with this critical stage of innovation.

At its inception, Merinov was annually serving around 30 companies and organizations, engaging in approximately 50 projects. Today, we annually serve over 70 corporate clients, contribute to more than 160 projects, and generate sales of approximately $11 million.

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