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Lumira Ventures is one of the most active and dynamic healthcare venture capital firms in North America. Our mission is to generate the greatest impact in the healthcare ecosystem through investments in transformative biopharmaceutical and medical device companies across North America. By investing in exceptional entrepreneurs and building transformative life science companies, we are focused on delivering innovative and cost-effective healthcare solutions for patients and top-quartile returns for our investors.

Heart Failure REVERSED. Corvia Medical Improving the quality of life for patients with chronic heart failure.

Lumira Ventures cultivates winning investment themes while innovating the landscape of healthcare in North America. With an investment team that has been working together for well over a decade, and a collective professional experience of 225 years founding, managing, and investing in healthcare and life sciences companies, Lumira Ventures has successfully brought to market more than 50 innovative therapeutic and biomedical products, impacting the lives of over 10 billion patients around the globe and producing a cumulative revenue of over $75 billion.

Cardiac Arrhythmias DIAGNOSED. Bardy Diagnostics Acquired by Hillrom $375 Million + Future Payments.

With mission-driven investments as our focus, we additionally see the power of philanthropy and giving back to our community as a vehicle to drive the greatest impact possible. In 2017, the partners at Lumira decided to link our goals of supporting and donating to impactful foundations, with the performance of our healthcare investments. We achieve this by what we believe to be the first-of-its-kind in Canada, donating a portion of our Fund III carry to 11 leading healthcare foundations. Our passion for philanthropy doesn’t stop here.

Epileptic Seizures TERMINATED. Engage Therapeutics Acquired by UCB $270 Million.

As the pandemic started to unfold around the world in 2020, we became acutely aware of the tremendous dislocation happening across the country. This inspired us to launch, the Double Bottom Line Challenge. Our staff identified opportunities in our communities to donate funds to those that they believe are truly in need, focused on grass-roots, volunteer-initiated, and led programs with high impact. We tailored our criteria to areas where we believe the greatest impact can be made, opportunities that hit two or more objectives in parallel – like feeding those in need by having local restaurants prepare and deliver meals.

Cancer Treatment TARGETED. Zymeworks Building Better Biologics (NYSE: ZYME).

Having seen the impact of our philanthropy not only in the context of the beneficiaries of the donations but also on what it means to our employees to be part of a company that puts community and philanthropy forward as a core value, in 2021 we formalized our philanthropic giving and established The Lumira Foundation. The mission of our foundation is to continue supporting community-based initiatives where we live, work, and invest. Each initiative we support is chosen by a member of our team and is focused on actively addressing prevalent and ongoing social needs in communities throughout the areas we work.

Lupus Nephritis CONTROLLED. Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Improving patients lives (Nasdaq: AUPH) (TSX: AUP).

We have been a different type of venture capital investor since our inception. By focusing on companies whose products offer transformative (not incremental) improvements to patient health outcomes, a promise of dramatic reductions in the cost of healthcare, and supporting our local communities we are driving the most significant impact.

Hepatitis C CURED. Pharmasset Acquired by Gilead Sciences $11.2 Billion.

Our Canadian heritage helps us “skate to where the puck is going to be,” investing in new science and clinical insights that we expect will be driving the next decade of patient care.

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