Helps Consumers, Through Their Advisors, Organize and Share the Right Information With the Right People at the Right Time




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LegacyShield® helps consumers, through their advisors, organize and share the right information with the right people at the right time®. Through its highly secure, lifetime, military-grade platform, consumers are able to store all of their important information and decide to share that information now or based on an event such as incapacity, disability, or death. Consumers using LegacyShield’s services are able to provide clarity to loved ones and pass on valuables and values in the form of information, memories, recipes, and stories.

LegacyShield® started through the founders’ personal experiences – both experienced the effects of their families not having a system in place. Through no fault of their own, Michael and Dan’s families just did not even know about the realities of improper planning. Nor would they have had the resources to implement a plan if they had known.

With about 2 decades of experience in the financial services industry each, Michael Babikian and Dan Pierson both saw how affluent individuals had access to many resources that most families didn’t have or know about, and they decided to do something about it. Using technology and their vast experience, Michael and Dan created LegacyShield with a Mission to protect every family.

LegacyShield has grown significantly since its beginning, now offering a complete set of tools called Life’s Mission Control®. Now, consumers receive access to MyLegacy, which includes a lifetime digital vault called MyVault; MyAccounts to record and store all of one’s online and offline accounts; MyWishes to document one’s final wishes; and MyLife Stories to pass on one’s life’s stories, lessons, traditions, and recipes.

Life’s Misson Control® also includes an intuitive AI-driven basic estate plan with access to LegacyShield’s professional network of over 70 attorneys to provide guidance. The LegacyShield platform also includes MyFinancial View to consolidate financial accounts and a set of calculators to aid in important financial decisions.

To date, LegacyShield has been featured on Fox, CBS, and ABC and is offered through several organizations such as SBLI, SafeMoney, Females & Finance, and Quotacy.

Helping consumers, through their advisors, organize and share the right information with the right people at the right time®.

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