John Spence

Founder and Chairman - Karma Group




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John Spence

Founder and Chairman – Karma Group

For nearly 30 years I’ve traveled all over the world to help businesses and people be more successful. I’ve worked for top tech companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Motorola, and Apple and have traveled to Palo Alto, Seattle, New York, Boston, Amsterdam, London, Singapore and many other cities that are recognized as the most innovative and entrepreneurial on the globe. Yet every time I come home to Gainesville, I am amazed and excited about the wonderful things happening right here in our community.

We are a small town with big ideas. In working as an executive coach and advisor to numerous companies in our area the thing that strikes me is the quality of the talent we can attract. Of course, we have an amazing group of extremely bright students coming out of Santa Fe College and the University of Florida, but I find it fascinating to see people from all over the world traveling to Gainesville to do cutting-edge research and create successful businesses.

In my line of work, I could live anywhere on the globe that I want to, so people often ask me why I picked Gainesville. The answer is straightforward, here you have access to all the perks of a major city; arts, sports, world-class healthcare, and a strong educational system while still being affordable and maintaining a small-town feel. I am especially pleased that one has the ability to make a significant positive impact on our community as an individual. In a big city your efforts can be lost, but in Gainesville you can make a real difference in the lives of others and actually see the results of your effort.

I love New Zealand, Vancouver is beautiful, the people in Kuala Lumpur are incredibly warm and welcoming but there is no place else on earth with the magical mix of such a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem supported by a closeknit community which is why I am so proud to call Gainesville my home.

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