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Innovations in the electric energy as well as electric and smart transportation sectors are the driving force behind the energy transition underway in Quebec and elsewhere in the world.

InnovÉÉ’s mission is to stimulate, support and finance collaborative research projects in the fields of electric energy as well as electric and smart transportation throughout Quebec.

By creating synergies between the industrial and research worlds, we foster the creation of technological solutions that answer current and future needs.

Our dedicated team connects companies to local and international research centers so that they can access expert knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment, while reducing their costs and sharing the risks of R&D. We are convinced that the collaborative research model is one of the most efficient way to overcome the need to create electrical energy-related solutions in a quicker and smarter manner.

Our region attracts many players in the renewable energy and electric, autonomous and connected vehicle industries, who find in our northern, snowy climate a unique innovation space for developing and testing new technologies.

Since the creation of InnovÉÉ, more than 120 companies and research and education centers have collaborated on more than 80 technological innovation projects in the field of electric energy!

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