A twenty-year innovation journey positions Tennessee as the technology backbone of the fingerprinting background check industry




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In March 1996, Casey Mayfield interviewed with a small biometrics company in Springfield, IL in a stylish business suit she’d purchased for $25 at a secondhand store. She met the owners, was fascinated with the technology, and signed on to be a Fingerprint Technician. She soon met Erik Wolle, who was leading the technology team linking data elements together to facilitate the capture of applicant data, schedule customer appointments, capture fingerprints and submit them electronically to Illinois State Police. Casey joined the team leading a pilot project on behalf of the IL Dept of Children and Family Services that had recently been expanded to include all childcare workers in Illinois.

The team expanded operations, moving into the California market ,and from there began the development of a nationwide network of locations to support biometric collection for background checks. Over time, the team added IT, Customer Service, and Finance resources, and expanded their operational footprint as adjacent states looked to leverage the technology to solve their need for access to electronic fingerprinting for constituents required to complete Criminal History Record Inquiries. As the events of September 11th unfolded, the team couldn’t imagine the changes that were in store for the travel industry and biometric background checks. The team spent most of 2002 supporting biometric criminal history enrollment projects across the transportation industry.

At the end of 2006, the Springfield business, which was operating several state programs with a large team of technology, operations, and customer service employees, merged with Integrated Biometric Technology (IBT) operating out of Nashville, TN, creating L-1 Identity Solutions. IBT had recently been awarded a project for the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), also created in the aftermath of 9/11, supporting the nationwide collection of biometric background checks.

The Springfield and Nashville teams worked tirelessly through their integration and growth, becoming what is today known as the Enrollment Services business line. The new team, once housed in a small office on Century Blvd near the Nashville airport, moved to an adjacent larger space and as their growth continued across a variety of markets, later moved to the Cool Springs area in Franklin, again expanding from the original suite to eventually occupying two floors, with nearly 200 employees.

For the next 15 years, they continued launching statewide enrollment programs across State and Federal governments. As a result of the organization’s expertise ín operating fingerprint collection sites, L-1 Identity Solutions was selected by Lockheed Martin to assume the responsibility for managing the enrollment operations for the Transportation Worker Credential Identification (TWIC) program. In 2011, the group was awarded the Universal Enrollment Services (UES) contract by the TSA. New statewide programs were added, the group rolled out a new enrollment technology platform, and teamed with TSA partners to launch what would become the TSA Pre✓® program. In 2017, the Enrollment Services business became one of the three primary business units in the IDEMIA Identity & Security business group, which is owned by Advent International, a private equity firm. The Enrollment Services business unit was headquartered in their offices in Franklin.

Casey Mayfield, Sr. Vice President, Justice & Public Safety

In 2019, the Enrollment Services business unit merged with the IDEMIA Public Security business unit, uniquely aligned to serve the law enforcement, criminal justice, and biometric use case needs of state and local customers. In January 2022, IDEMIA named Casey Mayfield as Senior Vice President of the Justice and Public Safety business unit. After relocating from Franklin to Brentwood in early 2020, Casey and the team continue to have an expansive presence, where they count the state of Tennessee, along with three dozen other states, as longtime customers in the civil identity, criminal justice, and enrollment services market.

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