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Hiring is Hard. Hiring Well Is Even Harder

Since 2001, Hirewell has been a staple in the Chicago business community, helping our clients large and small, grow their organizations by recruiting the top-tier talent they need.

Innovation is in Our Blood.
The recruiting industry is chock full of single skill set providers, but what companies really want is a partner who can have a broad impact across all facets of their organization, solving whatever hiring challenges they have. And we’ve done just that, building diverse teams of highly specialized recruiters in the highest demand fields: technology, human resources, digital marketing, sales, finance & accounting, and real estate services, etc.

And we’re just getting started…

Managed Recruiting is the Future.
Flexibility in creating our custom solutions has been a staple in our approach since our inception. But during our own growth, we also recognized that the traditional fulfillment models for recruiting service are deeply flawed.

Contingent Search is expensive and the two-sided lack of commitment often yields poor results.Recruitment Process Outsourcing suffers from poor fulfillment; flat-rate service means providers have no skin in the game to maximize the end result. And traditional Executive Retained Search is exorbitantly overpriced, tone-deaf to the modern world of freely available data.

But Hirewell’s Managed Recruiting Programs are a paradigm shift in volume hiring. They’re built for high growth and fast scale situations, and more importantly, structured in a way that actually streamlines efficiency for all. It’s a best-of-all-worlds situation: Hirewell can provide dedicated onsite support, high-value services far beyond simple candidate sourcing (ATS management, hiring plans, job description creation and postings, interview set up and debrief, offer presentation and onboarding, etc.), and still utilize the entirety of Hirewell’s vast recruiting team and diverse skill area focus to achieve an optimized outcome.

We’re a Destination for Recruiting Talent.  How do we do it? By being a great place to work.

No seriously, that’s it. We pride ourselves on becoming a destination for experienced, knowledgable and high-performing recruiters. Our industry is notorious for breeding cut-throat, internal competition to the point of mistrust, so we set out to build a culture that is the opposite of that. Our incentives are constructed in a way that encourages collaboration, even across different teams within the organization.

And when you have specialized teams of individuals set up to succeed, they’re able to focus on the end goal: helping our clients Hirewell.


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