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Geno.Me is a biotechnology company that was born from the idea of empowering people to take greater ownership of their health data, because it is a valuable and necessary asset to advance medical research. With a focus on creating better ways to treat populations that have diseases with a genetic predisposition, the organization allows people to democratize their health data in a safe, secure and meaningful way.

The platform is unique by creating a two-sided ecosystem of organizations and people that rely on the good faith relationships of each other. Not only does the platform cultivate a connection between patients and researchers because of directly consent to be contacted, it aims to provide the most efficient ease of access to comprehensive healthcare profiles for all parties. By aggregating clinical, genetic, and genomic data from Geno.Me’s Contributor Community, it makes it easier for users to have all their health information in one place, in a way that is easily transferrable and usable by the organizations that can create significant medical outcomes with this information. In addition, Geno.Me compensates its Contributors, with a recurring pay-out each time their dataset is purchased.

The organization was started in 2021 after a pivot from Gottschalk’s first business, after learning about the difficulties of health data accessibility by clinical research organizations. Health system interoperability is a known issue, but with the emergence of the pandemic, this accelerated the direct-to-consumer market for obtaining various types of information. By linking electronic health records (EHRs), genetic and genomic reports, decision-making at the clinical level can be enhanced, positively impacting the health and wellness of patient populations.

After showcasing the beta in 2022, and receiving necessary privacy and security certifications in 2023, the platform was made available for public use in Q3 2023. Now in 2024, the team at Geno.Me has continued to cultivate product-market fit, and growth into the target markets of pharmaceutical and clinical research industries.

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