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Since its inception, the Corin Group has been at the forefront of orthopedic innovation, providing a more positive and more assured return to a quality of life for patients all over the world.

The Group offers a unique combination of clinically-proven hip and knee solutions that make use of their unique technologies. The Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) enables a unique understanding of how the patient moves off the operating table. This information assists in planning the position of implants with the aim of optimizing functional implant alignment and improving surgical outcomes.


Developed in conjunction with a team of expert biomedical engineers and orthopedic surgeons, the OPS™ technology uses specialized software to analyze how a patient’s hip joint moves through a range of daily activities. Since 2013, Corin’s Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) has been used in almost 10,000 total hip replacement surgeries in many different countries around the world, enabling preoperative functional analysis for each patient. The Corin Group enables surgeons to be closely and continuously connected with every patient after the operation.

Their dedicated team of engineers and clinical experts are committed to creating a hip replacement that is truly tailored to suit each patient. The product is continuing to be released more widely as interest continues to grow in key markets around the globe. Importantly, the technology continues to be supported by a strong foundation of clinical research, with multiple case series being exhibited at a number of key orthopedic congresses. In 2018, results have been presented at industry meetings, including the AAOS (New Orleans), ISTA (London), ICJR (Houston), AOA (Perth) and AAHKS (Dallas).

The Corin Group is excited to announce that the Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) has now been expanded to include a femoral pre-operative analysis and resection guide, designed to precisely control key variables including the patient’s post-operative leg length. Recently granted 510k clearance by the FDA, this compliments the already available OPS™ acetabular planning and delivery system. This technology provides a major breakthrough for surgeons in the Tampa Bay region, who can now explore its benefits and make use of the full range and scope of this groundbreaking technology.

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