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Continuus Technologies is a data and analytics consulting firm headquartered in the heart of Milwaukee’s bustling Third Ward. Continuus is uniquely positioned to be the integrator and advisor that brings the Financial Services Data Cloud ecosystem together through technical expertise, partnerships, and core differentiator: industry expertise.

Founder’s Story
Matt Moeser founded Continuus 14 years ago, with the company’s first services centered around enterprise data architecture for asset managers to enable data for platforms like Markit EDM. Their goal is to align client-specific deliverables to scalable data frameworks that serve each organization.

“I started Continuus when I identified a gap in the financial services data market, with consulting firms either focusing primarily on the technical side or the industry side, but no one was doing both,” said Moeser. “Because of that gap, a lot of business problems were not being solved. Our goal has always been to drive innovation with data, and we’re fortunate to have been able to do that for our clients since our beginning.”

As the industry has evolved, most asset managers have shifted their data to the cloud and many clients have identified the need to move from on-premise platforms to enterprise data warehouses like Snowflake. Continuus is both a strategist and implementer of data solutions, helping with both the design and delivery of complex transitions from on-prem to the cloud. Continuus leverages deep asset management data workflow expertise to serve the largest and most sophisticated global financial services firms.

Core Data Solutions
Today, Continuus focuses on three core service areas: Data Strategy and Governance, Data Delivery and Transformation, and AI and Analytics.

Data Strategy and Governance leverages financial services industry expertise to advise on overall architecture design that is connected to client-specific business objectives and enables better decision making for each firm. Data Delivery and Transformation includes data engineering and data pipeline work to transform and connect data sets and modernize data architecture to scale. AI and Analytics leverage cutting edge technology like Snowflake to create custom applications and workflow-specific dashboards for teams to capture full value and insights from their data.

Milwaukee Roots and the Next Generation of Data Engineers
Continuus has created hundreds of enterprise data architectures over their history and is breaking new ground with larger deployments and more advanced AI projects for clients. Core to their early growth stems from the initial engagement from the Milwaukee asset management community, who were early adopters of these technologies and leaned into Continuus as their trusted data enablement partner.

As Continuus has helped push many data initiatives forward in some of the city’s most wellknown organizations, it has created jobs in the data community and pushed the boundaries of innovation in the data industry. They enable local data experts to expand their reach across the country as clients seek their thought leadership and expertise and are bringing a new generation of data engineers to the market, training them on industryspecific skills and helping them build marketable expertise in a specialized area.

National Talent Attraction
Continuus is also attracting top industry talent, across financial services and technology. Kellyn Cochell, CRO, joined the company in January 2024, coming from 13 years at FactSet where she was a top performing senior sales officer and director.

“I came to Continuus because we are in true service to our clients, which include the most impressive in the industry. We work together to improve their data enablement and decision-making processes. Our clients are in a data arms race, trying to capture value in the market, and modern data strategy is their differentiator.

Milwaukee has a big community of large, innovative asset managers, data engineers, and, of course, Continuus. We are at the center of data innovation with a very engaged and supportive user base. I’m excited to accelerate data modernization we see here to all asset managers.”
— Kellyn Cochell, Chief Revenue Officer, Continuus Technologies

Rachael DiMeo also joined Continuus in January 2024 by way of an accomplished career at Salesforce, where she managed Partners Alliances. She is focused on scaling Continuus services throughout the Snowflake ecosystem.

“We hear again and again that Continuus is different from our competitors, we are focused and specific, and that’s so refreshing. We are use case experts and we align our services to help clients get the full value out of Snowflake for their data needs and serve as a multiplier for market data providers like FactSet. It’s amazing to be a part of the rocket ship.”
— Rachael DiMeo, Vice President of Alliances and Partnerships, Continuus Technologies

None of Continuus’ success would be possible without exceptional operations and consulting teams. Long time data engineering veteran and Milwaukee native Andy Leichtle, COO, ensembles teams of Industry experts and seasoned data engineers, aligning to custom deliverables for each client and providing invaluable mentorship across the organization.

“The most important values of engaging with our clients is collaboration, flexibility and transparency. When planning a multi-year engagement, it is vital that we are working together towards a common outcome that delivers real value to the lives of everyone working in the business. We pride ourselves on aligning teams with skills to meet the project needs and adjust directions as necessary throughout the project lifecycle to meet changing business conditions.”
— Andy Leichtle, Chief Operating Officer, Continuus Technologies

What’s next for Continuus? According to Moeser, “The sky is the limit. We are ready to grow, scale, and help organizations that want to innovate their data workflows to gain efficient, accurate, and ahead-of-the-curve insights.”

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