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The CEDFOB is a CCTT affiliated with the Cégep de Baie-Comeau. Our mission is to carry out research and development projects in collaboration with local communities to develop the resources of the boreal forest in a sustainable manner. Our goal is to foster the use of research findings in businesses through dissemination, training and technology transfer.

At the CEDFOB, we are conscious of the challenges faced by society and businesses, namely a greener economy in line with communities’ values, and more accessible natural resources.

Our approach is to assist organizations in finding innovative and applied solutions to create value for businesses and stakeholders for the benefit of society at large. In a spirit of partnership, our highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art laboratories help businesses in their efforts to develop and expand. Our experts blend in with the vision of our partners and offer scientific and technical support to create sustainable organizations in the forest management and northern bio-food sectors.

More specifically, the CEDFOB is a leader in developing specialized knowledge for the production of northern berries, their pollination by wild bees in northern environments and the development of apiaries adapted to colder climates. We are also known for our expertise in assessing wood fibre quality and issues related to its deterioration to promote resource efficiency based on the principles of the bioeconomy. Our CCTT is a strategic partner for the sustainable management of the boreal forest and the ability of this ecosystem to contribute to the decarbonization of Quebec.

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