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A customer-centric technology company that develops a wide range of quality products and solutions that enable people to take their ideas and businesses further.

The origin of Brother traces to 1908, when Kanekichi Yasui established a sewing equipment repair business in Nagoya, Japan. His sons, the Yasui brothers, built on that heritage with a passion for quality and a spirit of independent development, and launched the Brother brand in 1928, beginning with sewing machine production and expanding into electrical appliances. With that, began the rise of Brother as a machine manufacturer, leveraging its expertise in motor design and manufacturing technology to drive business diversification.

In the 1950’s, Brother expanded globally. Now, its America’s headquarters in Bridgewater, New Jersey, is home to nearly 400 employees who embody the “at your side” spirit the company was founded upon and that has become the DNA of the Brother group. In addition to its headquarters, Brother has facilities in California, Illinois and Tennessee, as well as subsidiaries in Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Mexico.

Brother offers diverse products, from printers for commercial, office, specialty, and consumer use, to gear motors for industry, as well as commercial and consumer sewing and crafting equipment. Brother products are used in businesses and homes around the world. And, no matter the era, Brother’s business ventures always embody the “at your side” philosophy while keeping a finger on the pulse of the marketplace.

“Brother continually drives modernization and stays competitive by always having a plan for change and improvement. The founders were dedicated to quality, service, affordability and efficiency and their innovative spirit has carried Brother forward and helped advance the company’s mission,” said executive Don Cummins, President, Brother International Corporation, USA.

Brother’s global parent, Brother Industries Limited has been honored as one of the Top 100 Global Innovators by Thompson Reuters /Clarivate Analytics four times in the last decade. Throughout its history, Brother has pioneered many industry-firsts that have leveled the playing field for small and mid-size companies by making productivity technologies widely accessible. In the early 90’s Brother led the market with the FAX-600, a facsimile machine priced at half the conventional model, high-quality compact laser printers that were affordable for small business and home use, and even hand-held laminated

P-touch label machines. Today, Brother enjoys a foothold across industries thanks to a rich product portfolio that helps its customers overcome barriers to success. Brother is behind-the-scenes providing mobile solutions that serve the public sector, supplying the gear motors that power conveyor belts and ice machines, producing high-quality t-shirts with industrial garment printers, and sewing seatbelts into vehicles with industrial sewing machines. In short, Brother is behind product offerings and solutions that may surprise you.

At Brother, innovation doesn’t just begin with products, it starts with its people and a corporate culture that provides ample opportunities  for learning, development, and community involvement. Brother is dedicated to corporate social responsibility and sustainability, both globally and locally. The Brother Earth program was established to reduce the burden on the environment in all steps of development and manufacturing of products. Locally, Brother is committed to each of the communities in which it resides.

In New Jersey, Brother employees support clean air and clean up projects throughout the year. The company also supports many community programs by partnering with organizations such as Peer Forward to open doors to higher education for students, United Way, Relay for Life, Rutgers University, and the Fashion Institute of Technology. And, for decades Brother has sponsored the popular local Somerset Patriots baseball club, which brings the community together.

Brother encourages employees to support these and other organizations that nurture local communities.

“New Jersey is an important part of Brother’s heritage. The state’s great people and resources enable our company to serve customers across the Americas.” said Tony Melfi, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Brother International Corporation and proud life-long New Jersey resident.

Drawing confidence from its past, Brother takes pride in its mission for tomorrow and continues to pursue growth and new challenges, while remaining “at your side” to advance ideas, businesses and communities forward.

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