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A young healthcare startup is focused on helping people breathe easily with the world’s first nasal wash, Clear Nasal. This is a rinse that helps clear excess mucus, bacteria, allergens and other irritants from upper respiratory passages and promotes better breathing.

Managing Director, Girish Ramanathan


This patented product is made by Version2 Healthcare India, a company focused on building technologies in healthcare space, which was founded by the father-son duo of Ramanathan Girish and Vedanth Girish. Between the 26-year-old entrepreneur and the 54-year-old seasoned businessperson, they work to find a balance between the traditional and modern methods of creating an impact.

Rewind to 2014 when they were looking to understand the next gen market in the country. They realised that the future lay in preventive healthcare, and that nasal hygiene could emerge as an important market. Alarmed by rising pollution levels, Vedanth Girish set about finding a way to assuage the problem. His discovery was a nasal wash. “The nose is the most important organ in our body; it works 24/7 even when we rest. On average, a person breathes 11,000 litres of air per day, and every organ in your body is impacted with every breath. But 1 out of 5 people have breathing difficulties at least once a year”, says Vedanth.

Working on new products in India’s booming preventive healthcare market, Version2 Healthcare India’s vision is to set a global benchmark in the healthcare and wellness industry.

ClearNasal wash is an all-natural nose wash, consisting of a ph balanced solution made for adults and children over 10 years old, and can be used by pregnant and nursing mothers and people on other medications. In some cases, daily use has reduced snoring and swelling of nasal membranes. The bottle and cap (the cap design is patented by the company) deliver a gentle positive pressure flow to wash away the excess mucus, pollutants and bacteria from the upper respiratory nasal passages.

Their emphasis, says Girish, is on ‘preventive medicine’.  “People get medicines when they are ill but our solution is to offer a way that prevents you from falling sick. ClearNasal has been helping people live healthier and breathe better by ensuring their breathing tracts are completely cleared out. It has helped 20,000 people in just 16 months.”

The company, which currently sells 12 products under the Clear Nasal brand in 22 states, is focused on strengthening its reach in India and aims to enter Maldives, Mauritius, South East Asia and Japan and UAE next year. It has other exciting products in the pipeline, in the preventive healthcare space. “The new products we are working on is a pain balm in a powder form and a wound wash that will prevent blood loss while eliminating bacteria”, says Vedanth. “Our mission is just not to sell healthcare or wellness products. The greater mission is to ensure people breathe better, live healthier”, adds Ramanathan.

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