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Innovation at Badger Meter is about more than just technology—it is about empowering every stakeholder in the water ecosystem to acheive more sustainable, efficient, and effective outcomes.

Badger Meter has stood as a beacon of innovation in the field of smart water solutions that aid in solving global water challenges. For over a century, this pioneering Milwaukee company has dedicated itself to the mission encapsulated in its slogan, “Every Drop Counts,” providing advanced, intelligent solutions to water utilities, municipalities, and commercial and industrial customers worldwide.

Visionary Leadership
Ken Bockhorst, the Chairman, President, and CEO, articulates the company’s commitment to both performance and sustainability. Under his leadership, the enterprise has achieved significant milestones, including a 13% compounded annual growth rate in sales from 2019-2023 and a more than 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions intensity, underscoring its commitment to both sustainability and strong financial performance.

“Innovation at Badger Meter is about more than just technology—it’s about empowering every stakeholder in the water ecosystem to achieve more sustainable, efficient, and effective outcomes,” says Ken, reinforcing the company’s role at the forefront of the smart water industry.

Today, this smart technology company is a global entity with installations extending across more than 50 countries, backed by a strong network of manufacturing facilities, innovation centers, and sales offices. This extensive reach allows the company to effectively serve a growing base of customers with diverse needs, providing them with the offerings necessary to manage water more judiciously and sustainably.

Technological Frontiers
The company’s commitment to research and development is evident in its innovative product and software offerings. The company’s R&D efforts are focused on enhancing smart water solutions that provide actionable intelligence across the water ecosystem. These hardware-enabled software offerings enable customers to manage their water systems and gain critical insights that help reduce waste and improve water quality.

Badger Meter excels in transforming utility water and wastewater management with its comprehensive suite of smart solutions that enhance efficiency and ensure sustainability. The company’s industryleading offerings include advanced metering technologies like ultrasonic as well as infrastructure-free cellular-based communication which provide high accuracy, reliability, and real-time data transmission for effective resource management.

The company’s sophisticated water quality monitoring systems leverage optical and electrochemical sensing technologies. These systems enable utilities and industrial customers to detect contaminants and ensure water safety, supporting proactive management and compliance with health standards.

The introduction of BEACON®, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, exemplifies how it continues to lead in technology. BEACON offers utilities a comprehensive view of their water systems, enhancing operational efficiency and supporting informed decision-making. The EyeOnWater® app allows utility end-customers to monitor their water usage and receive leak notifications, fostering consumer involvement in water conservation efforts. This tool supports sustainable water use and helps consumers manage costs effectively.

With a strong global network and local service ethos, Badger Meter ensures its advanced solutions are accessible worldwide. The company’s extensive support network guarantees customized solutions and client satisfaction, reinforcing its commitment to reliability and excellence.

Ken Bockhorst, Chairman, President, and CEO

Employee and Community Engagement
The company ethos extends beyond its business operations into its corporate culture. Badger Meter champions a diverse and inclusive workplace where every employee is valued and given opportunities for growth and development. The ‘Every Employee Counts’ philosophy is a cornerstone of their success, fostering an environment where employees are motivated to contribute their best.

“The dedication and expertise of our more than 2,000 employees worldwide are integral to our ability to innovate and lead in the industry,” notes Ken. The company not only invests in employee welfare but also community engagement, supporting programs focused on water conservation, education, and quality.

A Sustainable Future
As Badger Meter looks to the future, it remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation and sustainability. The company is well positioned to continue its growth trajectory, leveraging advanced technologies and a robust global presence to make a significant impact on water management practices worldwide.

Badger Meter is also deeply committed to sustainability principles, with nearly 95% of its revenues derived from water-related solutions. The company’s internal initiatives significantly reduce greenhouse gas emission intensity, water intensity, and improve energy efficiency, setting higher standards for corporate responsibility in the water industry.

Ken summarizes: “At Badger Meter, our journey is about more than just business growth; it’s about making a meaningful impact on the world, ensuring that every drop counts. We aim to grow both our business and positive impact in the world by enabling our customers to do the same. We are committed to continuing our pursuit of excellence and innovation, driven by our responsibility to our customers, our communities, and the planet.”

The Badger Meter story is one of enduring commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability. With a legacy spanning over a century, the company remains a key player in enabling efficient water management and sustainability through cutting-edge technology and a dedicated workforce. Its journey is a testament to what visionary leadership and a relentless pursuit of excellence can achieve in the service of the world’s most precious resource—water.

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