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Arxscan’s Arxview Data Center Analytics Engine(DCAE) is a standalone software solution that reports on and provides analytics for the entire data center. Storage arrays, switching, servers, back up and virtual machine overlays are all captured in a single, interactive visual matrix that provides detailed insight via intuitive visualizations.

These unique views show detailed attributes of all of the assets, the relationships between the different elements of the environment and how and where the data stored depends on them.

Vibrant graphics provide easy to understand overviews that allow quick drill down into actionable details around capacity, performance and configurations for all major models, brands and types of data center storage, server, FC switch and back up platforms.

Quick and secure installation of this agentless, light-weight software application performs all data collection and reporting from a single point of presence that resides behind the environment firewall.

Thousands of details are thoughtfully brought together providing clear pictures of the end-to-end infrastructure while driving actionable insight for management and operations alike.


• What types of storage, server, backup, virtualization and applications are running and how they’re configured.
• Where and what solutions are the best fit for strategic initiatives.
• The right size and costs for the solutions being offered to them.


• What features are being used and if they can be further leveraged.
• How to plan for new innovative solutions and plan for those changes.
• What issues are having an impact on applications and how to get those details for quick re-engineering and fixes.

The Arxscan Team works with you every step of the way during installation and set up ensuring that the solution is running where and how you need it to.

Once the solution is collecting data we set follow up checkpoints to check the system is running in the environment and answer any questions… all without any additional cost!

Reach out to us today for a demonstration of the software and to set up a free trail of the software.
Arxview is the end to end authority on your environment!

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