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Like most innovators, I spent most of my life asking, “Isn’t there a better way to do this?” Whether it was finding the smart shortcut to homework, finding the most efficient way to get a job done, or collaborating with a friend to figure out how to make his product more valuable, I found that if you look hard enough there is almost always a better way.

I brought this spirit of innovation to my career in the military where it was sometimes welcome, but more often greeted with a scornful “shut up and color the way you were told” response.

But there are ways and places where innovation in military service is not only appreciated, it is demanded, and I have always been drawn to those places. Over the years I had incredible experiences like helping introduce design thinking to the Army, implementing new strategic approaches at Special Operations Command, or working with the Chief of Staff of the Army’s Strategic Studies Group to help form long-term solutions to the Army’s toughest challenges.

Experiences like these brought me into contact with some of the nation’s best strategic thinkers, many of whom became my mentors. I also got the opportunity to spend time at places like the DARPA, MIT Media Labs, Cambridge Innovation Center, Ideo, Stanford School of Design, and our National Laboratories learning about the state of the art in innovation.

I used what I learned about strategy, leadership, and innovation to develop a robust Leader Development Program and a mentorship system that has helped teach hundreds of military and civilian leaders about strategic thinking, innovation, and how to be a better leader at the organizational and strategic levels.

When I retired from military service, I sought opportunities to put these skills to work helping businesses create successful, innovative strategies and develop their leaders to maximize their abilities. When I moved to Tampa in 2019, I was lucky enough to meet the great team at Synapse who introduced me to many of the great innovators around Tampa Bay. Being a part of the Synapse movement and helping organize Synapse Orlando 2019 and Synapse Summit 2020 were amazing experiences that cemented my passion for innovation and my admiration for the founders and entrepreneurs who not only ask “Isn’t there a better way to do this?” but then provide the world with the answer.

Arête was born of a desire to help innovative companies and their leaders reach their full potential. By offering a range of services including executive coaching, leadership development programs, Supervisor University, and Strategy Formulation and Implementation programs, Arête helps companies be their very best. Every program is specifically tailored to the client: your company is unique, and so are your challenges. The strategies devised to tackle your challenges should be unique as well.

What is Arête?

In Plato’s Greece the pursuit of pure excellence, called Arête, was the ultimate virtue. Arête isn’t limited to one area of life, but excellence in life itself. It indicates a respect for the wholeness or oneness of life, and that improving expertise in a singular area at the expense of all others limits overall growth.

This is the approach Arête Strategic Consulting takes in helping clients pursue their goals. Our mission is to help you achieve your vision by developing excellence throughout your company: visionary leaders pursuing the right strategy produce amazing results.

Strategic Leadership Workshops

Leading Others – improve your ability to lead and develop your workforce to achieve excellence

Thinking Strategically Systems Thinking – understand your market environment in a deep and meaningful way

Critical Thinking – create deeper understanding of your challenges

Design Thinking – develop novel solutions to overcome obstacles

Knowing Yourself – find your strengths and learn how to maximize your effectiveness

Leading Change – learn how to create and implement your vision to keep your business on top

Leadership Bootcamp

Leading Others – Preparing for the leadership role

Establishing Yourself – Learn what works and what doesn’t when you take on the leadership responsibility

Being a Mentor – helping others be their best

Finding the Right Focus – Balance

Excellence in Leadership – Understanding the balance between your people and your mission

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