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Agile Thought – In Today’s Business Landscape Innovation means more than using a new device.

Innovation for enterprise-level companies means taking advantage of machine learning, rapidly developing a new product or service offering, or transforming how they view, approach, and deliver value to their customers. At AgileThought, we accelerate our clients’ businesses by delivering innovative software solutions and collaborating with clients to help them envision, build, and operate custom solutions. Companies across the globe are tapping into the true potential of their teams by adopting an agile mindset as part of their culture. Born from the need for large teams to rapidly deliver working software, agile practices have evolved to become applicable across all areas of a company that wants to minimize wasted effort and focus on continuously delivering value. Dorrell added, “Our clients often either need to solve a complex set of problems or have an idea they want to take to the next level, and together we help them envision and deliver a solution with a process that eliminates noise and waste, and focuses on providing the most value to the end customer.” Our rapid prototyping services are based on design thinking and Lean UX principles that test ideas and digital experiences within two weeks in an environment that allows creativity and measurable user feedback to lead the rapid design of a new product. This proven process, led by a strategy expert, has successfully delivered working prototypes and wireframes for global applications used by professional services firms and healthcare-focused mobile applications. Clients see progress on a daily basis, which creates opportunities to innovate at an accelerated pace. Companies that want to change the way they approach and deliver solutions partner with us for agile coaching or for a full agile transformation. We have a successful track record of stewarding companies through an agile transformation to become a truly “agile “Our clients have recently used our rapid prototyping, artificial intelligence, and agile transformation services to innovate inside of their organizations and capitalize on opportunities they see in the marketplace,” stated Ryan Dorrell, co-founder and Chief Solutions Officer at AgileThought.” Left to right: Ryan Dorrell, David Romine, Jeff Alagood, and John Wagner. organization” that fosters a culture of innovation, focused on rapidly delivering value to customers. Agile frameworks and practices provide transparency and support collaboration between delivery teams and their customers. This open process drives our clients to quickly innovate their products with each iteration, enabling experimentation for new features and capabilities to occur inside the development process –  while increasing their overall speed to market.  This approach encourages new and unbounded ideas, leading to real innovation and user-oriented solutions. As solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) such as sentiment analysis, neural networks, and machine learning are being explored in enterprise organizations, we stand with our clients at the forefront of these new tools to properly design and scale these capabilities.  Our proprietary process for delivering AI and machine learning solutions enables clients to quickly realize undiscovered value and insight inside their business. Enterprise companies are also seeing the power of Internet-of-Things (IoT) and are working with AgileThought to deliver exciting IoT solutions in industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing. AgileThought is headquartered in Tampa Bay, has over 300 passionate professionals across the country, and is one of Fortune’s “20 Great Workplaces in Tech.”

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