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AEGIS Law is an innovative, business-focused, modern law firm that offers integrated professional services to both emerging and established companies around the globe.
Like their clients, AEGIS Law is driven by a fierce entrepreneurial spirit that is exemplified by their willingness to work harder, faster, smarter.
Positioning itself to address the needs of the ever-growing innovation and technology ecosystem in Tampa Bay, AEGIS Law offers clients business counselors and lawyers with significant practical experience in business operations and law.


In July 2018, AEGIS Law joined forces with Tampa Bay-based Walk Law Firm to meet the high demands of an ever-growing ecosystem. Walk Law, led by Rochelle Friedman Walk, has played a significant role in innovation and acceleration of businesses in Tampa Bay and around the world. The Firm’s unique niche as the go-to lawyers for e-commerce and technology-based businesses, especially in the mergers and acquisitions area, and the depth of Ms. Walk’s personal experience in working with both investors and entrepreneurs, made Walk Law a perfect fit for the St. Louis-based AEGIS Law.

Walk Law was named to the Law Firm 500 fastest growing firms in both 2017 and 2018, a feat that is difficult to accomplish year after year. Ms. Walk credits the growth to a talented team of lawyers and their expertise in the high growth area of e-commerce and technology.
15 years ago, AEGIS launched a revolutionary idea: if you create a law firm culture that prioritizes the needs of attorneys, clients will reap the benefits, creating a win-win situation for both.
That vision is enshrined in the company name which is derived from the Greek mythological symbol for sponsorships and protection. The modern model for delivering legal services has indeed disrupted the legal game as AEGIS law has become a dominant player in venture capitalism, banking, securities, real estate, construction as well as, general corporate law; ranking among the top 50 fastest growing companies in its region.
AEGIS Law has developed an innovative disruptive business model that flies in the face of the politics and limitations of traditional firms with key characteristics that include; a collegial approach to servicing clients allowing associate attorneys to support other attorneys’ clients efficiently and effectively thereby helping all of the lawyers solve problems better while saving the clients money.
The combination with Walk Law made sense with their similar approach to ensuring that lawyers focus on client needs and the endgame, encouraging a collaborative approach while managing fees and client experience. The unmatched responsiveness is a streamlined structure allowing AEGIS Law to respond to client concerns and questions with exceptional speed, taking a practical yet creative approach to problem-solving.
Rooted and focused on representing businesses, business owners and entrepreneurs. AEGIS Law offers a broader range and larger bandwidth of attorneys with a heavy emphasis on mergers and acquisitions in the rapidly-growing entrepreneurial e-commerce and tech industries of Tampa.

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