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We’re on a mission to build a financial institution that gives people and businesses around the world access to the security, freedom and convenience of US banking. And to create a world where physical borders don’t limit the financial services you have access to – taking banking beyond borders.

By combining the latest technology with licensing only available in Puerto Rico, we’re creating advanced borderless banking that transforms lives and accelerates business success. Enabling our customers to rise above localized financial volatility and international barriers caused by antiquated thinking.

As a truly international bank, we are committed to providing financial services to organizations and individuals striving to achieve their financial goals around the world.

Proudly Puerto Rican
Founded in 2019, Zenus was the first bank to identify the unique position Puerto Rico holds in the financial world and the first to launch a digital bank so that customers could benefit from this too.

We’re proud to call Puerto Rico our home, and while we expand globally want to promote its virtues, sharing the best of our people and culture. As the gateway between the Caribbean, Latin America and the U.S., we believe Puerto Rico can become a truly global financial center.

But it’s not just the geography. The fact that a vast majority of the island is bilingual in both English and Spanish – the most spoken and the fourth most spoken languages respectively – gives us a team that can work with partners and serve clients across multiple continents from one location.

Puerto Rico is not known for FinTech start-ups but we know there are a lot of talented, skilled and enthusiastic people here and we want to give them a chance to be part of ‘the Silicon Valley dream’ of building something significant from the ground up. To support this, we hire predominantly in the region and have developed strong ties with local universities and partnered with other companies headquartered or represented in Puerto Rico.

We see an exciting future for international business emanating from our island, one we aim to be driving with all our might.

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