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Tells The Story Of The Places And Faces That Make Jacksonville Such A Remarkable Travel Destination.


Wander Media Company is the creative powerhouse behind a collection of destination marketing television channels airing in hotels and resorts throughout Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. From restaurants to shopping to local attractions, Wander helps tell the story of the places and faces that make Jacksonville such a remarkable travel destination.


“Whenever I use the expression ‘visitor information channel,’ people conjure up all kinds of different things,” says Kate Strickland, founder of Wander Media Company. “Some people think of that slideshow with a bunch of still images that reference convention room assignments and continental breakfasts. Some people think of a channel that has 30 minutes of content running on a loop, over and over again. That’s not Wander.”

Wander Media Company has partnered with over 50 hotels, resorts, visitor centers, and airports throughout the region to provide visitors with a resource for the best dining, entertainment, and shopping in the area.

“When I joined the Wander team, I didn’t know exactly what to expect,” says Matt Basford, who was born and raised in Jacksonville. “The opportunity to work with Wander has turned me onto some remote locations—these nooks and crannies of local businesses that I did not know existed. It’s very exciting in that respect.”

Businesses featured on the channel are equally impressed with Wander’s thoughtful and appealing reflections of who they are and what they do. Sarah Marie Johnston owns Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails, which features on Jacksonville’s Wander Channel.

“I loved Kate. I totally connected with her vision and what she wanted to do,” Sarah Marie says. “I took a little bit of a leap of faith about what the video would actually look like when it was completed, but the end product is astoundingly beautiful…. Each video that I’ve seen is completely unique and allows the businesses…to really show what makes them special and stand out in our community.”

Wander’s channels have grown beyond Jacksonville to now include Amelia Island, St. Augustine, and Golden Isles, but its heartbeat remains in the boldest city in the South.

We don’t just shoot beautiful content,” Kate says. “We don’t just deliver something that’s pretty for everyone to look at. It’s really important to us that we tell the story of Jacksonville. We want people to know about the people who are behind the places. We hope that anyone who’s watching falls in love with this area as much as we do.”


Wander Media Company

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