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With more than 25 years of history, VONDER is proud to offer the best, most complete and award-winning mix of tools, hardware, machinery and equipment for professional use on the market. There are more than 12 thousand items in line, covering segments such as civil construction, mechanics and automotive care, agricultural tools, gardening and spraying, welding, measuring, security, machinery and equipment, handling and lifting loads, among many others.

A mix that stands out for its innovation, maximum quality and technology, with products that stand out and conquer the preference for high performance for greater durability, synonymous with productivity and reliability, both for those who use and for those who resell tools.

VONDER has a track record of strength, acknowledgement and a lot of credibility in the professional and industrial market with awards in several categories and segments. Therefore, by having a VONDER tool in hand, the shopkeeper and the consumer are already sure of having much more than a tool: they are products developed in their smallest details and designed to really make a difference to professional performance, reinforcing the brand’s greatest attribute and conquering the preference of those who knows the most about tools, with the certainty of how good it is to work with VONDER!

Paraná roots
VONDER is the main private label of the OVD Group, a company from Curitiba that has been operating for more than 55 years and was born from a small hardware store: Osten Ferragens, on República Argentina Avenue, matriarch of the OVD Group.

Knowledge in the field and vision of opportunity for product development, in addition to a strong synergy with the main brands in the segment, have made Osten a great company, gradually expanding its operations and transforming it into one of the largest references in the specialized distribution of tools in Brazil: OVD, formed by the multi-brand wholesale divisions Osten Ferragens, Dismatal and VONDER Tools, its best-known private label.

But the OVD Group grows along with its product mix. In 2018, OVD acquired another large company, also traditional in the tools segment, but more focused on the industrial sector, Ferramentas Gerais, founded in 1957 in Rio Grande do Sul and which in Paraná and Santa Catarina is the successor of ICO Comercial, founded in 1945, and which for many years has been considered a national leader in industrial supplies – MRO and operates in different commercial channels.

Product Development
Strong investments in technology and a constant vision of improvements in each product that carries its brand ensure noticeable differentials to the brand. These are innovation and performance requirements, attested in a modern Laboratory of its own, located at the Headquarters, in Curitiba. The laboratory is accredited by Inmetro and a national reference in the segment, with state-of-the-art infrastructure for inspections, technical tests and quality tests, ensuring a proven technical management of the mix that carries the VONDER brand.

Breadth and technical rigor for the most diverse professional specialties
For every need there is always a right tool that can contribute and facilitate the work of those who use it – and the tool is VONDER!

Commercial and Logistics Coverage throughout the country
Commercial coverage and an incomparable state-of-the-art logistics structure and operation, combining maximum fidelity, accuracy and agility in deliveries throughout Brazil, with an efficient inventory operation, order separation and deliveries, are differentials that certainly make the difference for VONDER distributors and resellers and all OVD Group partners.

After-sales reference in service and presence
The largest network of technical assistants in the segment, hence the best after-sales coverage, providing support and technical service to consumers, with the same professionalism, promptness and expertise that VONDER offers to those who sell its products.

The most awarded brand of tools on the market, contemplating numerous categories with many products that have become bestsellers, such as traditional tapes, hand tools, diamond blades, electric and battery-powered tools, PPE, hardware, drills, fasteners and much more, a mix of responsibility and specialty approved by those who knows the most about tools!

For all these reasons, when we talk about VONDER we are talking about innovation, high performance and products that carry with them a specialized structure, to be synonymous with quality and productivity. When it comes to professional work, Tool is VONDER!

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Get to know a little more about VONDER in our 25th anniversary institutional video and understand why the market knows an recognizes: it’s good to work with VONDER!


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