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USF College Of Public Health -lowrypark zoo COLLEGE OF PUBLIC HEALTH Transforming Health in Every Community The USF Health College of Public Health was the first school of public health in Florida and remains the first for transformative education and research that is protecting us all. With its focus on health promotion and disease prevention, the field of public health provides a foundation for our health care system that ultimately means lower health care costs. Our College of Public Health is closely tied to that effort and partners with other USF Health colleges with an inter-professional approach that provides stronger team learning and collaborative research, ultimately improving the quality of health services, health care and our greater public health. The College is also closely engaged with all forms of public agencies and private corporations that are determined to promote health and offer disease prevention. Our faculty are frequently called on, in both crisis situations and preemptive planning, for a range of important public health issues. Our experts are asked to examine water contaminants, study risk factors for heart disease, evaluate risk of injury to assembly line workers, promote good eating habits and prenatal care, evaluate health programs, and determine the health care needs of communities. USF Health, Downtown and Health, Tampa More recently, our faculty have been on the frontlines for evaluating mosquito populations carrying the Zika virus, a known threat to citizens across Florida. This work builds on the College’s world-renowned expertise in global infectious diseases with faculty battling some of the world’s major health threats such as malaria and River Blindness. Advancing with Innovation in Education
  • The USF undergraduate public health program is# 1 in College Factual’s“Top10 Veteran-Friendly Public Health Schools” list.
  • The USF College of Public Health’s Master of Public Health degree program is #2 in the country by Nonprofit Colleges Online, a website that helps students find offerings in affordable online degree programs.
The College of Public Health recently launched the state’s first transformed core curriculum for the Master’s in Public Health program, an entirely new approach to building foundational knowledge and skills based on Framing the Future: The Second Hundred Years of Education for Public Health, a national initiative that is transforming public health programs across the country to better train the public health workforce and improve population health. College Of Public Health- research lab college of public health - cidp simulation Our Doctor of Public Health program, delivered primarily online in response to student demand, continues to grow in numbers and in the diversity of student experience and aspirations. Our undergraduate program continues to produce outstanding graduates that are fully prepared to join the workforce or to pursue graduate or professional degree programs in an array of fields that impact population health. The USF College of Public Health was a pioneer for online learning, launching a successful distance-learning initiative long before online classes even existed, and likely the first university to offer them. Today, with the deluge of online learning offerings, the College of Public Health is still making inroads for how students learn and earn advanced degrees. Master’s degrees in six concentrations and 11 online graduate certificates from USF are now available across the world, creating more public health professionals with comprehensive online programs. Strong Research for the Public Good USF College of Public Health is conducting transformational research and engaging in an interdisciplinary work that aims to solve some of our greatest public health challenges. We are building research strength in areas that matter to health: infectious disease control, reproductive health, health equity, chronic illness, environmental and social risk factors and global health systems. The College is home to 10 research Centers and Institutes focused on key areas of public health importance such as maternal and child health, occupational health, violence prevention, behavioral health, and biological threats. Preparing for Tomorrow The USF Health College of Public Health is at the forefront of educating public health professionals. From community and family health practitioners to health policy leaders to biodefense analysts and trainers, the College is helping build tomorrow’s leaders in public health.

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