The industrial internet is vast but can be monetized fast with intelligent search. We are the leading knowledge management system for IoT data




In today’s world, business professionals understand that knowledge is power and want to be able to intelligently monitor and predict events leveraging data. However, data is accumulating at an unprecedented rate, pouring in from all sources. We help business professionals and organizations navigate the industrial internet and organize data to leverage information in decision making processes. Our platform is applicable across all industries – finance, healthcare, energy, environment, etc. All companies are being digitized, and companies are often unable to utilize the vast amounts of sensor and machine generated data; we have the solution.


I have been in the business intelligence industry for 20 years and I have seen it transform the decision-making and operations of companies. In 2010 we started talking about IoT and sensors. It was already a great idea, but a discussion I had with a cardiologist really put it into context for me. Millions of people die every year from heart disease. These patients often do not notice any prior symptoms, and therefore do not seek help. However, medical sensors can detect signs a human may not notice. If the patterns are recognizable by a monitoring system, these patients can receive help and we can prevent 80% of sudden deaths. I was also in a fraudulent car accident a few years ago. Somebody bypassed me and hit the breaks, causing a collision in which they were guilty. Since the guilt could not be proven, the insurance company settled. I looked for any solution to prove the guilt but could not find one. One day at the garage, a mechanic told me that a sensor records the heartbeats of the engine that contain the fingerprints of every action of the driver. With this data, it dawned on me that you could prove the fraud in less than 20 min. Thinking back on both stories, we realized that sensors actually record the heartbeats of everything – machine operations, human and environmental conditions.

Dr. Rado Kotorov, CEO

The wealth of knowledge contained in this data is enormous. All we needed to get the insights was a Google-like search engine for patterns. Hence Trendalyze. Our first application was in chronic pain management. But then we added retail, finance, automotive, product development, energy, and more.

Yoshiko Akai, COO/CPO

We consider ourselves an innovator. We had to create a platform for data that did not exist before. We had to create analytical methods that did not exist. We had to create simple workflows and UI so that everyone can use them. If you want to democratize knowledge, the tools have to be simple and intuitive.

Rumen Beremski, Head of Business Development

The amount of research and experimentation was breathtaking. We made many mistakes, but we kept learning because the potential for good is so great.

The tri-state area is great for us because it has a variety of industries that are a good fit for what we do – finance, insurance, pharma, healthcare, utilities, and telco. Some of the biggest companies within these industries are located in the tri-state area, and they are at the cutting edge of collecting data that needs to be converted to knowledge. It is a highly concentrated area for the technology that we sell.


We want to take our platform to the next level in providing solutions for pressing problems. Our current focus is building libraries of data patterns. From banking to healthcare, these pattern libraries will be the ultimate key across industries.

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