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BOTH ALUMNI FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA MASTERS IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM, DEAN COLLURA AND ELIOT DILL LAUNCHED TITLETAP IN 2013 WITH A MOBILE APP TO HELP REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS CLOSE FASTER.  Fast forward four years and TitleTap has grown into a robust online marketing platform specifically tuned for Real Estate Attorneys and Title Agents with five solution pillars including secure websites, email marketing, video marketing, social media management and mobile apps.  Currently with 12 on staff, hundreds of customers nationwide, TitleTap has helped facilitate thousands of real estate transactions across the country. “All too often a gap exists with what a customer experiences when they walk into a real estate attorney or title agent’s office compared to what the customer sees online about the business.  Typically the office setting will be professional, engaging and overall a warm experience which is contrary to the experience viewers usually have when researching the business online. Since first impressions are significant, and the majority of those first impressions happen online, our mission is to close the gap.  A dynamic online presence opens the door to new relationships, builds trust and ultimately helps generate business opportunities and that is exactly what TitleTap helps our customers do,” Collura said. Passionate about the customer experience, the two have created a business culture with their team that encourages personal growth, account ownership, communication and autonomy. “Our team is incredible. For most requests, the team member across the line is able to deliver a resolution without bouncing the customer across the organization.  We also communicate with them often and our customers love that,” added Dill. In addition to holding their team and customers in high regard, Dean and Eliot are both family men and work hard to balance the demands of their business with being present at home. “The ability to be plugged in at home and create experiences that fill the cup is a huge driver for why we set out to be entrepreneurs, it is very important to us and one that we carefully continue to balance as our business grows. Knowing that years down the road our kids and spouses can look back with a smile having watched us grow something from the ground up that wasn’t at their expense, makes all the difference in the world,” they both stated.

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