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Thomson Reuters is one of the world’s most trusted provider of answers, helping professionals working in law, tax, compliance and government make decisions and run better businesses and organizations. Professionals worldwide turn to Thomson Reuters for news, information and tools to help them work more efficiently and serve their clients more transparently.

Based in Eagan, Thomson Reuters has a longstanding tradition of innovation, addressing the problems inherent in legal research since 1872, when West Publishing was founded. More recently, since the early 1990s, the company has implemented artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into its information-based products. Today the business is an industry leader in the application of AI-based products.

“Thomson Reuters has been deeply committed to using state-of-the-art technologies to solve real problems and has used artificial intelligence based technologies in increasing sophistication for more than 25 years,” explained Rick King, Managing Director. “Our customers are judges, lawyers, business leaders, tax advisors and government professionals. Their work is complicated and critically important to our society. They’ve signed up for the work. They just want us to help them do it faster and better.”

The team driving the company’s AI initiatives designs and delivers comprehensive, accurate and trusted products to meet the changing needs of customers. The business sees AI as having three key ingredients: data, subject matter expertise and technology.

Data, or content, is what customers are coming to the product to receive – and the business serves customers in data-driven industries, including the law. Thomson Reuters supports legal professionals who need to research, analyze and interpret the millions of data points and documents within the U.S. judicial system, a tapestry of interrelated statutes, regulations, case law and other primary law sources.

Subject matter expertise is crucial because it ensures that Thomson Reuters is solving the right problems, and that the approach captures the nuances of the domain. Subject matter experts drive the generation of training data and validate the performance of machine-learning algorithms. Equally important, subject matter experts play a critical role in error analysis; they help scientists and engineers understand the domain and data attributes that are responsible for errors, which drives subsequent iterations of algorithm-tuning and development.

Technology drives solution design and development. For most Thomson Reuters applications, developing a solution is more than simply applying an algorithm to a problem or a data set. It often requires designing robust and complex solution architectures that deliver the target functionality at scale.

Thomson Reuters operates at the intersection of these three ingredients. Its data is second to none; its subject matter experts have thousands of years of collective experience in their respective domains; and its scientists and engineers are highly skilled and have been developing AIpowered applications for more than 25 years.

The business’s talented team of scientists, engineers, designers and developers come from diverse backgrounds. They are creative problem solvers dedicated to advancing knowledge work with AI and machine learning. At Thomson Reuters they can build a career without boundaries, do work that matters and have flexibility to pursue passions wherever it leads. Every day employees bring their ambition to work to make a difference.

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