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NLP Logix teaches computers to do what humans can do or want to do. They automate. This means that at NLP Logix, they teach machines to do almost any repetitive business process that humans do, to help humans to do things faster and better.

The company harnesses the power of computers and artificial intelligence to tap into a wide variety of industries, including education, financial services, healthcare, human resources, energy, government, and more.

In addition to delivering custom automation solutions to its clients, NLP Logix has developed four artificial intelligence–powered products: Matchpoint automates the sourcing of candidates for jobs for staffing companies. Scribe Fusion allows people to extract information from a form or document far better than traditional Optical Character Recognition. Artificially Intelligent Collections is a suite of machine-learning algorithms that scores the probability that a consumer will pay a debt. WiseEye AI is a subsidiary of the company and teaches computers to read medical imagery at or above human levels.

Staff members remain at the top of their game by combining both talent and tools. With a dedicated team of software engineers, statisticians and machine-learning experts, the company has proven that data science is a team sport and, hence, their working environment is highly cooperative.

It is a great opportunity to have a front-row seat and watch the acceleration of AI technologies really deliver value—and not just hype—and to have Jacksonville be an epicenter for AI in the United States is the icing on the cake.– Theodore R. Willich, Chief Executive Officer of NLP Logix

Ted has more than 20 years’ experience founding and leading high-growth companies. Previous to NLP Logix, Ted was co-founder and COO of MDI, a startup in the medical services industry that grew from zero to over $100 million in annual revenues over the course of 18 years.

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