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In a World of Chaos, Our Happiness Is Being Tested Everyday




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In a world of chaos, our happiness is being tested everyday. According to the World Happiness Report, the United States is the unhappiest it has ever been. Finding innovative ways to protect and sustain our happiness levels is the basis of The Positive Life Company.


We believe that, through science, we can understand how the human brain processes information, experiences, and emotions. Understanding this allows you to successfully and effectively create happiness from within. The Positive Life Company, co-founded by Jacksonville Beach resident, Amy Dix, is a life-changing community that brings like-minded people together to make a difference in the world. Based on Amy’s No. 1 International Best-Selling book, “Seven More Days”, The Positive Life Company explores three pillars of life in which happiness is built on: Character, Connections, Community.

The Positive Life Company develops communities around the world to spread this message. A +LifeCo community is not about networking, it’s about connection. It’s about self-growth. It’s about creating an impact in your community. It teaches it’s members how to “Crush Life” so you can achieve anything you want to achieve through positivity and happiness.

Not only does The Positive Life Company inspire individuals, but it also elevates companies through creating happy and productive employees with its “Positive, Joyful, and Productive Workplace” workshop.



Best-known for its 5-Day Positivity Challenge, The Positive Life Company, takes you on a ride of innovative ways towards self-growth, creative strategies on developing deep connections, and impactful ways to create positive change in the world. The Positive Life Community comes together as goal-crushing, crazy-happy, positive people who are determined to make a difference.

To make the distressing situation even worse, Amy’s mom was quickly losing the ability to communicate. Amy realized she would not have any more meaningful conversations with her mom or receive last words of wisdom. Amy felt like she had so many questions for her mom that would go unanswered. But the lessons Amy so badly wanted to learn from her mom didn’t require a conversation at all. Through her own example, Amy’s mom already taught Amy the best lesson of all: How to live a simple, positive, and authentic life.

This led Amy to study positive psychology and share the science of positivity and happiness with the world. Amy now brings this message to the stage as an award-winning, international, motivational speaker and through her best-selling book, Seven More Days: Live a Life That Is Bursting With Positivity and Happiness… Before It’s Too Late!



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