The Perfect Shipping (SEND™)

Self- Service Shipping Everywhere




SEND™ is a fully automated Self-Service kiosk designed specifically for shipping stores and mailrooms, such as The UPS Store, FedEx Office or USPS locations. Our solution is engineered to drastically reduce the cost structure of those locations and to allow unprecedented expansion to new venues with a minimum investment. More important, SEND™ also improves the customer experience.

Our founder, Jaime Rubinstein, is an automation expert who realized that there are self-service stations in many high-volume service industries, such as banking, air travel, public transportation, fast food, or large retail stores— except shipping stores. He decided to seize this opportunity.

The shipping industry is amazingly large and solid. It relies on cutting-edge technology to move parcels around the globe, but surprisingly, not a lot has been developed to interact directly with customers who walk in to send a package or envelope. Those customers demand faster processing and a technology-enhanced experience.  Time is money!

Americans spend around $25 billion a year in 45,000 shipping locations. That market for sure could use more automation!

After Jaime set up a team of experts, they realized that the global market is close to $45 billion. All around the globe, public and private shipping stores notice that their customers are facing long waiting times. Many national postal services are losing money, and the number of parcels shipped only continues to grow every year, making the situation worse.

The team diagnosed what was missing with other self-service kiosks around the globe, used prototypes to conduct pilots with actual customers, and interviewed hundreds of potential users, industry experts, shipping-store owners, and hardware and software suppliers, gaining valuable feedback and powerful insights.

“ .. Combining… (SEND).. Engineering prowess with ShipRite’s 29 years of retail shipping experience was a great match… The word of retail is turning more and more to self-service and SEND will be out front.” J. Mark Ford, President, ShipRite Services, Inc.– J. Mark Ford, President, ShipRite Services, Inc.

Our patent allowance was recently awarded. It is based on the innovative ways in which different technologies were used and integrated into a single solution. The result is a solution which combines an app and a kiosk in a seamless experience.

You upload the Ship From and Ship To info in the SEND™ app or website at your convenience and it will immediately check for errors, saving you the time spent doing this at the store.

The SEND™ kiosk is able to offer you the most convenient options for your needs (Think USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) in less than 5 seconds because it automatically recognizes if it is a package or an envelope and instantly measures and weighs it.

Just select your option on the screen, pay at the card reader, and place the label. In and out of the store in two minutes! Miami has been a great place to find investors and exhibit our solution at innovation events, such as Unbound Miami and eMerge Americas. And it simplifies working with Latin American companies. Please visit Servientrega International at Doral to use SEND™!

If you run a shipping store, a high-traffic venue where this service could be offered, or a small TPL, let’s get in contact!

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