Bespoke Office Solutions at a Modernized Historical Heritage Site




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Beautifully designed workspaces delivering the ambiance, comfort, technology, and the full-service support that Today’s working professionals demand. Easily accessible and centrally located address in the heart of San Juan’s Miramar historic neighborhood. This 150 years old office site was modernized to offer the perfect place to work where reliability and productivity is looked after by the professional concierge team of The Landmark.

Flexibility is at the core of their service offering, regardless of the company size. Whether you are a small entrepreneur or an established enterprise, The Landmark offers offices and meeting rooms solutions for when you need a productive space. Full-time, weekly, daily or for when your team needs to get together, the site has spaces designed to fit the individual requirements.

After conducting a thorough marketplace research of the needs and wants of modern-day professionals based in the island, it became clear that there was no premium office space product for established professionals.

The opportunity pursued by The Landmark was to create an inviting environment with unparalleled amenities, where like-minded businesses can connect, collaborate, and secure uninterrupted management.

  • These spaces are set to inspire. Curated to secure a warm and inviting workplace, guaranteeing the comfort and aesthetics needed to excel.
  • 150 years of history restored and modernized to fit today’s complex needs. Originally designed and built as a convent back in circa 1870 by architect Adrian Duffaunt, the historic site went through a complete overhaul to cater the comfort and tech needed to succeed currently.
  • Grounded in traditional global hospitality standards, The Landmark service was thoughtfully designed to provide members an unparalleled workplace experience. The services and amenities are meant to help boost productivity. A dedicated hospitality team is equipped to keep member’s business running smoothly.
  • The all-inclusive amenities, cutting-edge technology and unmatched connectivity allows businesses to perform at their best.
  • Flexibility is at their core. The membership levels are designed to be flexible, responsive, and competitive. They offer rental options suitable for individuals and enterprises of all backgrounds and sizes, from hot desks for a day, reserved desks to private offices and studios.
  • The Landmark is a place to meet and collaborate. Like-minded businesses gather to collaborate and share ideas at the community areas daily. Although the workspaces were designed to offer a distraction-free environment, the community areas foster a unique sense of camaraderie hard to replicate.
  • Full-time, part-time or hybrid solution, there is a space accommodating any business needs. Those with a hybrid workplace model have found in The Landmark the place to gather their team periodically for when in-person contact is needed.

Since 2019, The Landmark has been raising the bar in the office spaces rental field and continues to set the new standard for premium office spaces in Puerto Rico. The team takes pride on innovation as the service and spaces are tailored to the member’s needs and the ever-changing business environment.

The Landmark has a product centered around what the businesses are looking and needing the most:

  • Move-in ready offices equipped with ergonomic furniture thoughtfully selected to optimize the business productivity.
  • Flexible contacts and prices that meets Today’s business needs.
  • Spaces are bookable by the hour, day or as long as the business demands.
  • The IT Solutions Suite and its backup up system provides the complete tech and communication tools to secure operations uninterruptedly.

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