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Greatest Assets Are The Ideas And Dreams Of Its Citizenry




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Our team has embraced the challenge of bringing the TEDx experience to Jacksonville because we believe our city’s greatest assets are the ideas and dreams of its citizenry. Ideas have the power to reshape minds and change the way people act. Dreams are the birthplace of the possible. But, too often, dreams are deferred and ideas, unheard, because they lack a platform that gives them voice. We want TEDxJacksonville to be that platform.


TEDxJacksonville exists to open minds with inspiring ideas. We’re dedicated to Jacksonville being an informed, inspired, and engaged community. Each year, our speakers and performers come from around the world and from our community—to bring big ideas to share, ideas with the potential to change lives. The impact of TEDxJacksonville can be expressed in the energy of the conference day or in our global reach. Each talk and performance is shared on the global TEDx Talks YouTube channel with more than 17 million subscribers.


After seven past conference events, TEDxJacksonville has produced more than 100 talks and performances on our stages—and those videos have garnered more than 2 million views. Our speakers have taken those ideas and talks to other stages—from corporate boardrooms to the Florida Supreme Court. Beyond our conferences, we program live TEDxJacksonville Salon events throughout the year.

In our history, we’ve welcomed thousands of attendees to our events, with talks and expert-led discussions helping spark new conversations within our city limits and beyond. Among those attendees, TEDxJacksonville has invited hundreds of high school and college students to our conferences for free or at a reduced cost.


Our goal is to present talks on issues that matter to our community—free from corporate, political, and religious agendas—and to spark a real dialogue about how to make a difference. Our intention is to ensure that those voices are heard and shared. And our partners see significant value in our city having a prominent and nationally recognized TEDx group.

“The impact of TEDxJacksonville on the broader community is they know there’s a place—kind of a safe space and time where we can have a smart conversation,” Jacksonville University President Tim Cost said. “People can come together and debate and discuss big issues. I think it means a great deal to the community to know TEDxJacksonville is going to be there every year for this kind of discussion.”

Our team of high-achieving volunteers is led by co-organizers Doug Coleman and Sabeen Perwaiz.
Please visit us at TEDxJacksonville.com to view our upcoming events or contact [email protected]


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