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Tecnofit, the leading software company in the health and fitness industry since 2017, distinguishes itself by offering cutting-edge solutions for managing gyms and other fitness businesses and professionals. Founded by Anderson Cichon, the current CTO, and fueled by the visionary outlook of Antonio Maganhotte Junior, the present CEO, the company emerged from the need to streamline gym management and has evolved over time to establish itself as a benchmark in the Brazilian market.

Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to innovation, Tecnofit provides comprehensive solutions that surpass conventional systems, delivering an efficient and all-encompassing management experience. The management platform and its applications summarize this dedication, by providing tailored solutions that streamline financial management, customer relationship, and automate processes.

Antonio Maganhotte, CEO

Tecnofit’s achievements are notable, reaching 12,000 customers and more than 1 million consumers per month. Tecnofit is more than just a management system; it serves as a strategic ally propelling success in the fitness market. A pivotal milestone in the company’s journey
was its participation in Endeavor’s Scale-up program, a leading support organization for high-impact entrepreneurs. This collaboration underscores Tecnofit’s commitment to meeting market demands and delivering solutions aligned with the fitness sector’s needs.

Anderson Cichon, CTO

Moreover, Tecnofit has introduced Studiio, a project endorsed by the Tecnoparque Program, a Curitiba City Hall program, representing an innovative response to the challenges encountered by Pilates, Yoga, and Functional Training studios worldwide. In a digital landscape, Studiio offers efficient management. Tailored for studios of all sizes, Studiio provides a comprehensive solution, encompassing everything from scheduling to financial tracking, marking the next evolution in studio management in Brazil and all around the world.

In essence, Tecnofit transcends its role as a mere management system for gyms, studios, and boxes. It positions itself as a strategic partner for success, offering innovative and complete solutions that simplify administration and foster growth in the fitness sector. With
professionalism, transparency, and conciseness, Tecnofit is dedicated to providing optimal solutions to its clients, solidifying its prominent position in the Brazilian market.

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