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Syniverse - Mobile Has Changed Today’s Customer Journey


Mobile has revolutionized today’s customer journey. We have now become a “mobile-first” society where we turn to our mobile device as our first point of interaction for most of our needs, and having a strategy to reach us through this device has become crucial for nearly all companies to do business.

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But trying to do this business isn’t easy. New technologies, shifting laws and changing consumer tastes are constantly reshaping the mobile landscape, and navigating all these challenges has truly come to require an expert guide.

Syniverse, headquartered in Tampa, has been serving as this guide since the dawn of mobile, starting in 1987. Today we connect more than 1,000 operators and over 500 other companies in almost 200 countries. Our specialization is bridging technology islands and commercial worlds, so our customers can reach, protect, and engage their mobile users anytime, anywhere. And we do this all with an entirely cloud-based approach.

Our history as a leader in delivering on the promise of mobility has been earned from enabling interoperability for hundreds of customers. We know that today’s users take it for granted how routinely they connect with one another, but in the early days of mobile, users were “stranded” on islands of technology, able to talk or text one another only if they used the same operator. Syniverse became a bridge to connectivity by working with operators to solve the problem of how to connect all users regardless of device, network or region.

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We now sit at the center of the mobile universe, processing trillions of transactions a year – a volume similar to credit card issuers, except our currency, is the voice, data, and text-message communications we pass across the world’s mobile networks. That means that mobile service providers and businesses can gain unmatched customer touchpoints through Syniverse, and they can rely on us to forge the agreements necessary to connect with almost all of the world’s 7 billion-plus mobile devices.

We serve two broad categories of customers. We enable mobile service providers like operators and internet companies to tackle challenges of connectivity and interoperability for today’s telecommunication and internet technologies. These include testing and deploying LTE and other next-generation networks, managing roaming services and partnerships, providing mobile fraud protection fraud and revenue assurance, and developing new solutions for the rapidly rising internet of things.

We also empower enterprises like retail, travel and financial services companies to reach their connected customers and employees in the “mobile moment” through more personalized marketing and engagement. Our cross-channel solutions offer our customers a number of ways to break through the noise and engage consumers through channels such as mobile wallets, text messaging and push notification.

Simply put, today’s rapidly evolving mobile ecosystem requires an experienced guide. Syniverse excels as this guide, serving as a force at the center of connections that pulls the mobile world together in real-time. We have been figuring out complex mobility issues since the dawn of the industry, and we have become a vital mobile link among billions of people around the world.

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