A Platform For Fashion Brands And Retailers That Predicts Customer Demand By Leveraging Artificial Intelligence.




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Sustalytics is a service platform for fashion brands and retailers that predicts customer demand by leveraging artificial intelligence. We empower fashion companies to understand their customers’ needs to produce effectively and to be profitable and sustainable.

Retail fashion companies overproduce because they are not able to accurately forecast for tomorrow with the tools they have today.

H&M was accused of burning 60 tons of unsold clothes worth $4.3 million. Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Nike, just to name a few, face the same problem. The truth is that it’s actually a handful of people who have historically decided on massive production, basing that decision on old data, trends, and to be frank, their gut feeling.

And when they get it wrong, the consequences are considerable—both economically and environmentally.

When you know, like we do, that you need 800 gallons of water just to produce one T-shirt, you clearly understand the urgency to produce only what is worth producing.

Sustalytics enables brands to produce only what consumers want by predicting demand.

We leverage technology to offer tailormade insights for each brand on each of their prototype products per precise location so they can optimize their designs, production, and distribution. Let’s not forget that the T-shirt you are wearing today travelled halfway across the globe to get to you.

We believe that if all retailers could produce efficiently, they could have a huge positive impact on the environment.

We were part of the Google Launchpad Program in Miami and selected to participate in one of 500 Startups Miami’s founder boot camps. We joined their Startups-in-Residence program this year.

Now, is it truly innovative and groundbreaking to check what people want beforehand? It’s not. But it is innovative to bring it to the industry’s attention when the industry has not leveraged it.

Netflix decided to produce House of Cards because they analyzed their users’ data and realized that was what they wanted. Known to have reached up to 4.6 million viewers, HOC proves the power of big data & customer analytics.

Our value proposition follows the same logic: we stitch the data together to understand what consumers want so that the fashion industry can become more customer-centric and benefit from customer intelligence.

Through data, we understand how customers think and behave; we make their voice have meaning and advocate for their needs.

We translate these precious insights into actionable data that empowers retailers before making business decisions. We give brands and retailers the ability to better satisfy their customers and to make them feel valued and to be sustainable.

Esquisse lingerie, one of our client brands, proves extraordinary growth potential by focusing on what customers want. A sustainable lingerie brand, they grew their assortment offer from intimate apparel only to adding sleepwear and swimwear in just 1.5 year.

Tally Weijl is a multinational client brand present in 39 countries and with more than 860 stores. Beat Gruering, founder and CEO said that thanks to Sustalytics, Tally Weijl is “predicting bestsellers correctly 9 out of 10 times. We measured a +15% in potential revenue growth.”

If you are interested in learning more and see how we can support you in optimizing cost, pleasing consumers, and helping the environment, please contact us at [email protected] or visit our website www.sustalytics. com.

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