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“Every woman deserves to feel beautiful; every woman deserves to feel safe; every woman deserves to feel happy.” is the motto at Sparkle & Sabre, a small jewelry company specializing in stylish pieces that boost wearers’ sense of security and well-being. With a majority of available self-defense products focusing on function over form and failing to accommodate women’s unique set of needs and challenges, Sparkle & Sabre takes a different approach. Our jewelry uses beauty and mindfulness to promote female empowerment and safety by providing women with self-defense and emergency tools that they actually want to wear and that fit seamlessly into their routine and style!


In 2017, Sparkle & Sabre founder Jess Goodkind celebrated her birthday with friends. After the festivities,  she called a rideshare service and stepped outside to meet her ride. In a split second, a large man grabbed her, twisting his arm around hers, preventing her from reaching her handbag and phone. He dragged her away, her screams drowned out by loud sounds of a city Friday night. With his tight grip around her, she could barely move, let alone reach her phone to call 9-11 or to use her “personal safety-alarm keychain”. As he took her down a dark, secluded alley, her fear intensified; she knew how these stories ended…

Jess was very lucky. Her driver noticed her GPS location changed and thought the situation seemed unusual. If the driver had not showed up down the alley, who knows what could have happened. Jess escaped, but was left terrified and traumatized. She searched for a product to make her feel safe, something wearable on her body and not in her handbag, but found few options. A hobbyist jewelry-maker, she designed something that met her needs: a discreet, functional self-defense tool she would want to wear so she would never forget to bring it!

Thus, the “Not ToKnife” Self-Defense Lariat was created, bringing a female touch to the self-defense market. Made from high-quality metals with beautiful stones and charms, “Not ToKnife” lariats are a welcome addition to women’s outfits. Hidden at the end of the lariat is a 1-inch foldable blade, useful for emergencies or a last line of self-defense. “Not ToKnife” necklaces use magnetic closures, ensuring they can be removed quickly and easily when you need them. Sparkle & Sabre is changing the way women think about personal safety, making defense options that are beautiful, functional, and accessible!


Jess Goodkind is the creator of Sparkle & Sabre. Her jewelry-making started as a stress-relieving hobby and transformed into a business committed to helping others. Her pieces reflect a mixture of her diverse and eclectic style, which is influenced by her heritage and international travels. She designs pieces that are not only beautiful and unique, but functional and safe. Jess envisions herself donating to or partnering with women’s safety and victim’s advocacy campaigns once her small business takes off. In addition to running Sparkle & Sabre, Jess works full-time at a Jacksonville nonprofit as a Grants and Research Manager.

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