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SORBOTICS is a market leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) software technology startup. They have developed the industry’s 1st AI operating system IIoT software platform that solves industrial enterprises biggest pain points.

SORBA is the world’s most Advanced, Enterprise, Industrial IoT platform that enables engineers, data scientists, operators, and maintenance teams to build their own machine learning solutions for OT & IT digitalization applications.

SORBA is built on open source technologies that streamline our everyday lives. The unique market differentiator behind the technology is all the automation under the hood allowing for users to build AI solutions with no data science or academia experience required. With measurable ROI, SORBA gives industrial sectors the following sustainable unique capabilities:

  • Improved Asset Utilization Rates & Efficiency
  • Eliminate Unplanned Downtime with Predictive Analytics
  • Reduce Operating Expenses by 20-45%
  • Increase process optimization metrics by 3-10%
  • Decrease poor quality production & waste defect

Yandy Perez serves as the President & CEO of SORBOTICS, LLC. He’s recognized by IEEE as one of the most influential and forward-thinking for data scientists in the world. His thought leadership has drawn awareness on how to combine the world of industrial automation with cutting edge predictive analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

His extensive background and skills is in Machine Learning, Big Data, industrial automation, and AI. Yandy is a strong research professional with BSEE in Electrical Engineering, MS in Automation Control & Computer Systems and in the last stretch of receiving his PhD in Machine Learning all from Cuba’s globally renowned Central University of Las Villas.

SORBOTICS, in its current state, goes to market through channel partners and industrial system integrators that understand their customer business problems. AI and predictive analytics is a booming industry with a $10+ Billion USD market share opportunity to capitalize on and provide value. The SORBA software platform continues to position and differentiate itself amongst the IBM’s, Siemens, General Electric’s of the world by focusing on delivering operational impact and economic value through.

  • End-to-End solution: That Accesses, Aggregates, and Analyzes Data, Seamlessly, to Deliver Operational Efficiency Improvements
  • Open platform: Interoperable Architecture/APIs for Improved Flexible Business System Integration
  • Intelligence On The Edge: For the creation of Real-Time Machine Learning Models deployed to the edge, onto Assets, as a Virtual Operator to Prevent Mission Critical Downtime that allows equipment processes to self-diagnose themselves.
  • Own The Data: AI Automation Tool Used by SME’s to Build their OWN Models to MAKE Failure Predictions.
  • Optimize Costs: The software requires no data scientist or coding experience. Companies can reduce Costly Resource Intensive academia teams. Built for Engineers, Maintenance, and Operations Personnel to Derive VALUE from their DATA.
  • Industrial platform: Industrial Automations 1st Big Data End-To-End Solution for AI/IIoT EDGE Asset Intelligence.
  • Unique Capability: Innovation Company Capable of Combining Sensor Data with Image Process Data to Build CONFIDENT Failure Prediction Models.

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