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Solinnov, an Adelaide-based company specialising in embedded signal processing systems, delivers advanced solutions in electromagnetic operations for Defence and Law Enforcement organisations. They are at the forefront of designing groundbreaking real-time signal processing algorithms for software-defined radios (SDRs) that interpret and transmit signals. The company’s expertise enables efficient and accurate processing of signals, enhancing the performance and functionality of SDRs. By pushing the boundaries of signal processing, Solinnov empowers clients with state-of-the-art solutions that optimise signal interpretation and transmission in various applications.

Solinnov’s team of self-confessed “geeks” focuses on innovation in SDR for Electromagnetic (EM) operations, revolutionising defence capabilities. SDR technology offers a wide range of benefits that significantly enhance defence operations. Its flexibility and reconfigurability allow defence forces to adapt quickly to changing operational requirements, efficiently utilising the electromagnetic spectrum. By adjusting radio frequencies, waveforms, and modulation schemes, defence personnel can optimise communication, radar and, electronic warfare, capabilities, improving situational awareness and mission effectiveness.

Furthermore, SDR promotes interoperability among different communication platforms, facilitating seamless integration and coordination between defence units and allies. Supporting various communication protocols and standards, SDR systems enable effective collaboration and information sharing, even in multinational operations. This interoperability strengthens joint operations and coalition efforts, enhancing overall mission success.

Security is another advantage of SDR technology. Sensitive information transmitted over SDR systems can be encrypted, safeguarding it from unauthorised access and ensuring data confidentiality. Additionally, anti-jamming capabilities enable defence forces to maintain operational effectiveness in dynamic electromagnetic environments, countering intentional interference and electronic attacks.

SDR also provides greater resilience to defence operations. Its software based nature allows for rapid updates and reconfigurations, facilitating quick adaptation to emerging threats and technological advancements. This agility ensures that defence systems remain up to date and capable of addressing evolving challenges. Moreover, the inherent flexibility of SDR reduces reliance on specific hardware configurations, making it easier and more cost-effective to upgrade and modernise defence communication systems over time.

Solinnov’s expertise extends beyond EM applications. They aim to promote an AppStore ecosystem, showcasing individual applications and fostering an environment that attracts talented developers. The AppStore ecosystem will be a game-changer, significantly reducing the cost of high quality EM operation capability solutions while expanding the market size. By providing a platform for agile vendors to rapidly deploy solutions and enabling multiple hardware vendors to promote their products, Solinnov creates an environment that benefits both developers and end customers. This approach ensures seamless integration into various radio systems, reducing costs and expanding the market size. Solinnov excels in signal processing, sensor processing (radar, electronic warfare, communications modem design, and electronic countermeasures. They implement complex algorithms on cutting-edge technologies such as field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), and graphical processing units (GPUs).

Solinnov’s capabilities include embedded system design, application software development, Linux kernel device drivers, and open architecture software defined radios. They specialise in creating low-latency hardware/software interfaces, high-speed digital interfaces (PCI Express, multi-gigabit Ethernet), FPGA external interfaces, and firmware development for software-defined radio applications. They are proficient in system-on-chip design and radio frequency interface design.

With their comprehensive range of capabilities, Solinnov has established itself as a leader in embedded systems engineering. Their commitment to innovation, dedication to excellence, and collaborative culture enable them to deliver tailored solutions to government, defence, and various industries. Through their pioneering work in SDR for EM operations, Solinnov reshapes the landscape of Defence and Law Enforcement, enhancing operational capabilities and pushing the boundaries of embedded systems engineering.

“We believe that future wars will be fought and won by agile, ubiquitous, and smart networks of military machines that provide intelligence and support for commanders to make human decisions. A key aspect of this endeavour is electromagnetic (EM) spectrum domination. We are contributing to sharpen the agility of the EM operations” —Sanka Piyaratna, Managing Director, Solinnov

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