Helps businesses unlock marketing opportunities with big data




SnapLeads helps businesses unlock marketing opportunities with big data. The company specializes in building data-driven direct mail and client retention platforms for enterprises in various industries including, automotive, legal, medical, and real estate.

SnapLeads began as a way for a group of attorneys to generate more business for their own firms. Taking cues from successful traffic ticket law firms, the company started building a datalake fed by public records and filings from county court systems in Florida. Today, SnapLeads powers national campaigns for Fortune 200 companies and hyper-local campaigns for 2 person law firms. SnapLeads’ mindset is “no company is too big or too small to benefit from their expertise and welcomes all challenges.”

SnapLeads’ core product is “Data-Driven Direct Mail” which enables businesses to identify a “triggering event” that indicates a need for a product or service and seamlessly sends those targets personalized marketing and communications. SnapLeads stresses this is not your run-of-the-mill “Junkmail” because of the innovative targeting, tailoring, and tracking baked into every deployment. All SnapLeads campaigns come with an integrated performance dashboard and call tracking tools to help clients understand attribution.

The company also builds custom client retention tools for law firm clients. These automated systems monitor SnapLeads’ first-party data for “triggering events” such as traffic tickets, divorces, criminal arrests, and trademark actions. These platforms have sent over one million direct mail and email communications on behalf of clients.

SnapLeads has a partnership program for marketing agencies that would like to provide direct mail services to their clients. Agencies can whitelabel data-driven direct mail while SnapLeads does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. In essence, digital marketing companies can now add a new suite of services to their offering overnight.

SnapLeads is actively managed by its founders including – David Salmon (CEO) an accomplished Miami area startup attorney, Peter Martinez (CTO) a founder of Refresh Miami and Director of Learning at The University of Miami, and Ryan C. Lavernia (CSO) a career entrepreneur with a history of success and exits, and Hoyt Hill (COO) another attorney by trade who manages day to day operations.

While SnapLeads main focus is helping clients leverage big data to power their marketing, the company also boasts a creative and legal compliance department to ensure campaigns run smoothly and clients are set up for success.

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