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How many times have you walked into your office break-room, only to let out a heavy sigh when realizing just how limited your options are?

All the junk food and none of the healthy snacks. Ever accidentally leave your lunch at home and have to resort to the candy bar and chips backup lunch? These scenarios are all too real for thousands of workers every day. The consequences of poor eating habits add up to health issues. And it’s these exact problems that SmartBox solves for corporations across the US.

SmartBox, founded in 2012 by CEO Brandon Stallings, is on a mission to equip organizations with easy-to-access, wholesome and natural snack foods, meals and beverages for their people. By using a combination of smart technology and unique service solutions, SmartBox provides a one-stop-shop for your office break room. “We’ve modernized the customer experience, and provided a much-needed avenue for healthier choices,” said Stallings. “We only provide products that are proven to help achieve wellness goals.”

SmartBox started as a vending company initially before expanding into the micro-market business. GoMarkets come equipped with easy to use self-checkout kiosks where users can purchase salads, wraps, snacks, and drinks with any form of digital currency at any point of the day. The food served in these GoMarkets is prepared fresh on a daily basis and distributed by the local SmartBox team. The newest service, SmartBox Express, is an online store providing snack gift boxes themed to fit all different types of unique dietary needs.

SmartBox is now the largest health foods automated retailer in Florida, and one of the top natural and organic snack services companies in the US. To learn more about SmartBox Company visit:

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