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SkyPlanner is a 5-star-rated, Silver Salesforce Consulting & AppExchange Partner based in Miami, FL with offices in Bogota, Colombia, and Vitoria, Brazil specialized in helping companies of all shapes and sizes leverage the power of Salesforce to do more with their businesses.

At SkyPlanner, we believe in fully integrating ourselves within our clients’ businesses, developing a true partnership with their entire organization. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in the software
development arena have enabled us to help our clients find the best solutions and leverage the latest Salesforce technology to grow their companies. Whether you’re a grassroots startup looking to leave your mark on the world or a well-established enterprise looking to streamline your operations, SkyPlanner can help you get the most out of your Salesforce experience.

We offer technology & CRM consulting, implementation services, training & adoption strategy services, managed services, optimizations & support, and business intelligence. We also offer tailored technology solutions for specific industries including finance, healthcare, travel & hospitality, food & beverage, non-profit, and e-commerce. With more than 430 clients ranging from different industries all around the globe including Discovery, Sony, DHL, Bacardi, Norwegian Cruise Line and more, 67+ Salesforce certifications, 600+ projects completed to date and more than 20+ years of combined IT experience, it is no wonder that we have a 5/5 star rating across our services, customer satisfaction and our app listings on Salesforce’s app marketplace, the AppExchange.

Founded in 2011 as a joint venture between three friends – Rene Raul Garcia, Jorge Fernandez, and Rene Rodriguez – we set out to help entrepreneurs like ourselves, streamline their business operations. Our first initiative was to improve the travel experience to Cuba by creating a software system that would enable travel agencies to quickly and easily book client travel. Shortly after, we realized that cloud software could help companies beyond the travel industry and thus, began our journey with Salesforce. We chose this partnership because we were passionate about using technology to improve business efficiency and felt aligned with Salesforce’s mission — that together, we could create a future of opportunities.

Fast forward eight years later, and we have become a 5-Star rated, full-service Silver Salesforce Consulting & AppExchange Partner with three global offices across the United States and Latin America. We have grown into a multilingual, multi-disciplinary team of system architects, UI/UX designers, business analysts, data scientists, QA specialists and South Florida’s largest group of Salesforce certified developers and administrators. We have also been listed on the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. Today, we specialize in helping companies of all shapes and sizes, across the Americas leverage the power of Salesforce to do more with their business — whether that means scaling globally, streamlining operations, implementing a new Salesforce solution or empowering employees to feel confident using Salesforce technology.

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Our specialty is Salesforce customization and consulting. Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together. It is one integrated CRM platform that gives all of your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer. The software lives on the cloud making it easily accessible through your web browser or mobile device. It allows companies to streamline their business processes and manage customer relationships by focusing on sales, service, marketing, and commerce.

It keeps your data organized and secure while also presenting reports with effective analytics. Its automation features include tracking leads, managing emails, assigning tasks, notifications, approvals, and much more. It also handles all of the customer interactions of an organization through different forms of communication including phone calls, site email inquiries, communities, and social media. Salesforce also helps companies accelerate efficiency and productivity, and ultimately increase revenue and growth by organizing data and automating business processes. Here are several of the reasons why our clients love Salesforce:

  • Close more deals
  • Get more leads
  • Better data management
  • Efficiencies through automation
  • Ability to strategically up-sell and cross-sell
  • More effective marketing
  • Better customer experience
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Improved visibility
  • Gain key insight for better decision making

With Salesforce, one size does not fit all. Each business is different so it’s necessary to tailor the technology to your business goals. The right Salesforce partner is extremely knowledgeable and experienced on the ins-and-outs of Salesforce. They will outperform an internal team and customize the platform to suit your needs so that you can get the most ROI from Salesforce. Working with a certified consulting partner like SkyPlanner will guarantee that your implementation is a stress-free and smooth process.

When a company approaches us, we analyze its business processes and develop a plan to optimize Salesforce to fulfill the company’s needs. This can include the adaptation of existing Salesforce apps, custom development and integration with third-party software, as well as training employees on how to use the system. We also develop custom applications for both Salesforce and mobile. With the largest team of certified Salesforce professionals in South Florida, all of our development is done in-house, ensuring full transparency.

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