Shaye Mandle

President & CEO - The Medical Alley Association



“Medical Alley is the global epicenter of health innovation and care.”
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You might say modern healthcare was invented in Medical Alley more than 150 years ago when the Mayo Clinic set the standard for care delivery. The medical device industry was born here with Medtronic’s founding in 1949. When the relationship between payers and providers needed to change, HMOs were invented here. Global healthcare leaders call Medical Alley home, including 3M, United Health Group, Ecolab, Best Buy, and many others. Medical Alley is also home to one of the most robust early-stage healthcare ecosystems in the world, producing companies like Rebiotix, Datica, Zipnosis, StemoniX, Vyriad, Bind, and Bright Health. Today, Medical Alley is leading the transformation of healthcare.

In 2020, the Medical Alley Association launched the Healthcare Transformation Initiative at Medical Alley (HTI-MA), bringing together current and future global healthcare leaders to reimagine a healthcare system that works to engage in new models, pilots, and collaborations to accelerate the shift to value based care and change the health consumer/ patient experience. We’re leveraging Medical Alley leadership from every sector—payers, providers, medical device companies, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, digital health companies, and non-traditional healthcare entrants—to demonstrate a path forward that truly transforms healthcare.

As the President & CEO of the Medical Alley Association, I get to see some of the world’s greatest innovators and entrepreneurs changing the face of healthcare every day. As a community, there is a commitment to collaboration unlike any other place on earth. We’re leading the conversation. We’re transforming healthcare.

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