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INNOVATIONS in Pharmaceutical Development®

Robert Salcedo was born in the Dominican Republic on August 26,1964. When he was ten years old, his family decided to immigrate to the United States in search of better opportunities. At an early age Robert understood the need of medicine accessibility for everyone regardless of social status or race. His passion for making medicines affordable for everyone came from his aunt, who suffered from cancer and was unable to get the treatment she needed. This passion drove him to devote his life to understanding pharmaceutical development.

Robert has dedicated over 25 years of his life to the biotechnology and solid dose manufacturing industries. His portfolio includes executive team development and strategy for regulatory, CMC, clinical, and manufacturing scale-up and commercial projects ranging in value from $20M up to $1.55B. Robert was also a leader in Amgen’s construction and technology transfer during initial establishments in Puerto Rico, which currently supplies drug products to the world. He has also consulted and advised 50+ clients with gene and cell therapy and biologics companies.

Currently, Robert is the founder and CEO of OcyonBio a pharmaceutical development and manufacturing company. OcyonBio has recently established a growing campus consisting of two buildings with over 200,000 and room to grow to over 1M sq ft in Puerto Rico that will position the island to become the next great cell & gene therapy hub. OcyonBio’s objective is to create a high technology campus that will enable biologics, vector manufacturing, cell & gene therapy development to support curative therapeutics with unmet medical needs affordable for all.

His work is a testament to his dedication to creating better access to life-saving treatments and therapies.

“I believe that Puerto Rico has the potential to become a great cell & gene therapy hub and I will strive to make this happen. Our campus will become the home to emerging, clinical and commercial companies, leveraging Puerto Rico pharmaceutical history and incentives which reduce R & D expenditure by over 50%. Consistent with our mission to make affordable medicines because it’s the right thing to do.”

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