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RioBlanco Capital LLC (RBC) is premier Puerto Rico-based investment manager founded in 2015 by Gabriel Jimenez and Olivier Gillier, executives with extensive experience in private equity and real estate. RioBlanco provides liquidity and growth capital to underserved markets and assets. Our focus is on value creation and reimagined asset enterprises. We actively participate in the management and daily operations of the assets we invest in and believe in a “hands on” approach. Our geographical focus is on capital investment opportunities located in the US, Puerto Rico and Latin America. 

The RioBlanco team is filled with experienced individuals eager to support our efforts as needed; and we have world class resources in-house, and in our network available to assist. In addition, our investor base is comprised of a small group of large, sophisticated, and patient investors who share our view that the returns generated from investing in these types of situations are attractive enough to justify a different approach. 

With over 100 years of cumulative investment experience, and niche market expertise in investment banking, private equity and real estate throughout the Americas, RioBlanco Capital approaches each opportunity with a proven track record. Navigating organizations through change can be difficult; we have made that journey many times and recognize the time, resources and perseverance required to be successful. We draw on that experience to tailor workable solutions based on the unique needs of each situation.

Centro Europa Type: Class A Office Building Size: 390,000 GSF Status: Portfolio Asset 98% Occupied
Stop 22 Type: Class B Office Building Size: 90,000 GSF Status: Portfolio Asset 100% Occupied
San Jose Tower Type: Class B Office Building Size: 140,000 GSF Status: Portfolio Asset 95% Occupied

RioBlanco takes pride in its real estate projects, ranging from refurbishing and optimizing existing buildings to luxury developments of residential towers and homes. We strongly believe that real estate is not just about returns but about designs and projects that improve and beautify neighborhoods. With our specialized internal real estate team we closely control the operations and management of each project to ensure a successful close.

Le Parc Type: Ground Up Condo Size: 160,000 GSF Status: Portfolio Asset Under Construction
Garden Hills Townhomes Type: Ground Up Townhome Size: 45,000 GSF Status: Portfolio Asset Under Construction
The Icon Type: Ground Up Condo Size: 120,000 GSF Status: Portfolio Asset Q1 2023 Break Ground

Our portfolio of investments, ranges from companies active in the entertainment, F&B, health and real estate sectors. RioBlanco will take concentrated positions in companies with a strong potential for growth and cash flow. Its Growth and Income approach seeks to provide both stability and return.

We are uniquely qualified to pursue these assets based on our dedicated team and unparalleled contacts. Our strategic location allows us to be at the heart of the region, in close proximity to our investments and projects. Our unique mix of shareholders enables us to support businesses with the resources and a pragmatic mindset to drive significant long-term value creation.

  •  Over 60 new commercial/corporate leases closed by in-house team since inception
  •  Re-development of 50,000SF office building and lease-up from 100% vacancy to 100% occupancy in ~18 months
  •  Re-development of 140,000SF office building and lease-up from 35% to 95% occupancy in ~30 months
  •  Multiple active and pipeline deals in the Private Equity sector
  •  Facility management for Puerto Rico’s largest financial institution with an on-site staff of 500+ employees
  •  $50 million in new acquisitions in the last 12 months

At RioBlanco Capital, we pride ourselves on balancing the feel of a small firm with the scale of a large global organization. Our entrepreneurial culture and flat management structure foster an environment in which good ideas can take flight. RioBlanco was built on the premise that a multicultural firm can serve a global clientele best. We are a united collection of individuals who respect each other’s differences, and value our rich diversity. We believe diversity of thought leads to innovative solutions for our investors.

Today RioBlanco Capital is one of Puerto Rico’s premier investment management firms with a real estate portfolio of more than 1 million square feet of office buildings and new residential developments and a Private Equity portfolio of companies with a presence in Puerto Rico, US and Latam.

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