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Resility Health is on a mission to reduce the negative physical and emotional effects of stress. Their innovative, data-driven stress management program is personalized for each user. Resility’s wearable sensor trains people to recognize when their body is tensing up, and support from their coaches drives lasting behavior change.

Stress is an epidemic in today’s world, with 75% of Americans experiencing related physical and emotional symptoms. Resility was founded after Sarah Davidson, the CEO, suffered from chronic pain for years, not realizing it was because of stress. “So many people have stress-related health problems, and they waste time and money trying things that don’t help because they haven’t addressed their stress,” said Davidson. “People try mindfulness and just give up because it’s difficult and they can’t tell if it’s working. Stress management needs to be personalized for each individual because the same techniques don’t necessarily work for everyone. We wanted to use technology and data to make it easier and more effective.”

Resility launched its stress management program for high performing teams in 2018, but after some teenagers tried out the program with great results, they realized very quickly that there was a tremendous need for that group, so they launched a program for teens. Teenagers report higher stress levels than adults, and related mental health problems like anxiety and depression are on the rise. Many children today are not learning positive coping skills and effective ways to manage their stress.

“So many people are living in a constant state of stress and they’re not even aware of how it’s affecting them. It’s become the new normal,” said Davidson. “It takes a huge toll on our health and relationships and we don’t realize it until it’s too late. Using Resility gives our bodies and minds a break from the stress and allows us to recover and become more resilient.”

People can download the Resility Android or iOS mobile apps, and learn more about our programs at

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