Recipes for Change

A localized society created to evoke social change




Recipes for Change is a non – profit organization founded by Chef Santiago Gomez in 2017. Is localized society created to evoke social change by inspiring and educating people through gastronomy, volunteer programs, educational workshops and fundraising events.

Our aim is to unite Miami’s local community in order to educate the next generation and to nourish at-risk communities. During our work, we came across a gap within the food system. In the United States there is an increasing disconnect between us and our food. For most people, they don’t think about how their food got the grocery store, where it came from, how many will actually be eaten? Without programs or education to change that, it will continue getting worst. Homeless shelters and community kitchens have a massive positive social impact – they give people a safe place to be and food to eat, however, for these communities at risk, the disconnect between them and their food is even greater.

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