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We’re an accelerator for social impact




We’re an accelerator for social impact. We scout for people solving the issues that matter most to the future of our region and help them scale their impact. We mobilize locals to get engaged in strengthening our region, and we connect organizations and leaders to increase greater change together.

Miami is the perfect storm for social innovation: the region is exploding in entrepreneurial activity, while also being a hotbed for serious societal challenges. The question is, will Miami wield its innovation to solve some of the most pressing issues of this generation? That’s the question Radical Partners seeks to answer.


From housing affordability and poverty alleviation to education equity and arts & culture, Radical Partners supports startups and founders tackling issues that will shape the future of the region. Over the last six years, the accelerator has helped scale nearly 100 social impact startups, solving issues ranging from sea level rise and housing affordability to arts access and food deserts. Reflecting Miami’s exceptional diversity, more than 80% of Radical Partners’ accelerator participants self identify as women and/or minority leaders. And as their ventures scale, they are having a tremendous impact on the region.

As the region’s entrepreneurial environment takes shape, Radical Partners has focused on creating healthy communities of founders who work with each other to scale their impact in collaboration. In 2019, in partnership with local philanthropist Daniel Lewis, they launched a $1,000,000 fellowship focused on helping every child in the region get access to the power of music education. The fellowship united 17 different organizations all focused on that common goal to work with each other toward greater results instead of operating in competition or silos.

They have also led innovation cohorts focused on climate resilience, grassroots leadership, and social innovation across a variety of topics. Radical Partners also works to mobilize locals to take collective ownership for the future of the region. Once a year they lead a massive community brainstorm called 100 Great Ideas, to generate solutions to a critical issue facing the future of the region. At the end of each 100 Great Ideas campaign, ideas are synthesized into a report shared with the public and the top ideas are sent to the decision-makers in the community who have the ability to implement them.

Radical Partners also leads The 10 Days of Connection, an annual 10-day regional challenge to get thousands of locals to build empathy, kindness, and connection across lines of difference. This initiative is co-hosted by more than 200 local organizations and businesses, and helps to build a more united, inclusive region.

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