Industrial innovation lives at the convergence of the physical and the digital worlds




PTC unleashes industrial innovation with award-winning, market-proven solutions that enable companies to differentiate their offerings, improve operational excellence, and increase workforce productivity. With PTC and its partner ecosystem, manufacturers can capitalize on the promise of today’s new technology to drive digital transformation.


For over 30 years, PTC has helped its customers stay ahead of the competition. As a digital transformation technology leader, PTC’s mission and product portfolio are aligned on the following concept: opportunities for industrial innovation lie at the convergence of the physical and digital worlds.

Deeply rooted within the company’s culture and framework is its connection to Minnesota. Born and raised in the state is PTC’s president and CEO, Jim Heppelmann. A few years out of college, Heppelmann and two colleagues founded Windchill Technology. The new internetbased technology, called product lifecycle management (PLM), enabled companies to better manage and organize complex computer aided design (CAD) files and automate many of the tasks associated with product development. A resounding success, Windchill attracted the eye of PTC, and was acquired by the latter along with its founders, including Heppelmann.


In taking the reins as president and CEO a few years later, Heppelmann and the PTC executive team understood that digital transformation would become the top business imperative for industrial enterprises. To support companies facing increasing customer expectations, uncertain trade and cost pressures, and mounting workforce shortages, PTC’s technology helps them become more innovative, agile, and adaptive with their product and service offerings, operations, and workforce.

Today, PTC continues to invest significantly in the research and development of its award-winning legacy suite of products as well as complement that suite with new, cutting edge technologies, such as the Internet of Things and Augmented Reality (AR). Supported by a robust Minnesota-based team, Vuforia, PTC’s industry-leading AR solution suite, offers an easy way to capture, create, and deliver content for industrial AR experiences, empowering organizations to digitally transform their products, processes, and people. The feature rich Vuforia enables workers to visualize digital information in a physical context for many use cases, including training employees, reviewing new designs, creating operator and service instructions, and more.


PTC’s heritage of innovation and a comprehensive technology portfolio provide the necessary vision and capabilities to aid customers throughout their own digital transformation journeys.

Executive Team
Led by President and CEO, Jim Heppelmann, PTC’s executive team includes:

  • Kristian Talvitie, EVP and Chief Financial Officer
  • Barry Cohen, Ph.D., EVP and Chief Strategy Officer
  • Kathleen Mitford, EVP of Products
  • Michael DiTullio, EVP of Sales and Commercial Marketing
  • Eduarda Camacho, EVP of Customer Operations
  • Steve Dertien, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Managing Director
    of the Office of the CTO
  • Craig Melrose, EVP of Digital Transformation Solutions
  • Aaron von Staats, EVP and General Counsel
  • Eric Snow, SVP of Corporate Marketing

Future Plans

As one of the top software companies in the world, PTC is committed to its customers’ success today, and continues to invest in new technologies and various deployment options for tomorrow. Over the past several years, the industry has applauded PTC and its offerings through independent analyst reports and awards. The company, never complacent, continues to evolve on all fronts with a deep focus on constantly enhancing its culture and ceaselessly driving value for customers, employees, shareholders, and others.


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