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Each year in November, teams come together to invest their time in themselves to better their companies. Emotional intelligence, public speaking and teamwork are all elements that go into creating a successful leader. When small businesses begin to tackle big issues, PS27 Ventures, a Jacksonville venture capital firm, works with founders to guide them towards their goals. Entrepreneurs and their teams are invited to apply to PS27’s Leadership Week.


“Leadership Week is for people with passion, passionate founders, who want to develop themselves and their team to launch their business to the next level,” said Brandon Gouthro, PS27 Associate. “Leadership Week is not for the lazy and not for the people who are complacent, who just want to sit idle and watch their companies move in a flat line”.
The ideal attendee is a founder with 2 or 3 people on their team, a defined product or service, and has customers. During PS27’s Leadership Week, founders learn how to better communicate to their team, customers, investors and their community. They also learn how to accelerate the growth of their business.




“This is an intense, week-long workshop lasting roughly 12 hours a day, for entrepreneurs, founders and owners to step up, stay open-minded, and learn something. Dedication, passion and willingness is an absolute must before you even consider applying- else it’s likely you will drop out by the second day. Having been to several conferences and seminars, there is no truthful comparison to PS27 Leadership Week. Sure, it can be gruelling. Yes, it will be frustrating. It is clear the main objective is to train, teach and provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to reach a level of success they desire and wish for- but, utilizing the tools provided to you in the real world is up to you,” said Alex Hatala, 2018 PS27 Leadership Week participant.




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