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We are a technology company, but our history is intrinsically linked to education. Unlike other large companies in the segment, we were created in 1989 inside a classroom. Our initial dream became a reality as we developed genuinely Brazilian technology, becoming a market reference and enabling millions of Brazilians to have their first access to technology through our IT devices. After 34 years, we have a presence not only throughout Brazil but worldwide, spanning three continents. At the same time, we are very proud of our Brazilian roots, specifically in Curitiba, where our headquarters are located.

Since our foundation, we have witnessed the entire evolution of the city and its State of Paraná, establishing it as an important technology hub in Brazil. Different initiatives have propelled the city and state to be protagonists in the sector. The relaunch of Tecnoparque in 2018 consolidated Curitiba as a reference and an innovation ecosystem with the potential to generate technology, efficiency, and employment.

Alongside the consolidation of Curitiba as one of the most innovative and smart cities in the world, we based our growth on constant investments in R&D and a solid diversification strategy. In addition to computers, phones, tablets, educational technologies, and devices for smart environments and condominium security, we also manufacture servers, smart payment terminals, electronic voting machines, and demographic census devices. Furthermore, through our Corporate Venture Capital program, we invested in startups operating in different segments such as diagnostic medicine, agriculture, IT, electromobility, sustainability, and condominium security.

As our VP of Strategy and Innovation, Leandro Rosa dos Santos, highlights, innovation is in our DNA: “We have achieved leadership in the national computer market and are included in the select group of the ten largest desktop manufacturers in the world, but we never settle. Entrepreneurial thinking has always been part of our culture and is a direct result of our educational essence of fostering lives through technology inclusion,” he comments.

Leandro’s perspective is reflected in our operations, as we manufacture and sell electronic devices and technology solutions for end consumers, retail stores, companies, schools, and education networks, as well as government institutions. Nowadays, we have more than 12 thousand points of sale and distribution through the largest retailers in Brazil. In our country, 14 thousand schools and 1.4 million active students use Positivo Tecnologia to stimulate critical thinking and creativity. Around the world, more than 40 countries rely on our solutions. We have also become specialists in public bidding, being market leaders in the government sales segment. Our purpose is to make life better and smarter using technology. This intention is intrinsically associated with the fact that we grew up just like Curitiba and Paraná. We will certainly continue together, influencing our region and the world, looking every day for new ways to create a more POSITIVE world, more innovative, more sustainable, and more humane.

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