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We provide holistic, fully-orchestrated programs to help harness and deploy innovation. Similar to the platypus, we believe that the greatest innovations are an amalgamation of seemingly disparate insights and ideas, that together create surprisingly, unexpected outcomes enabling organizations to deliver their own toxic blow and outpunch the competition.

We live in unprecedented times. Exponential complexity, dizzying speeds, disruptive technologies, and ruthless competition have leveled the playing field for some, while concurrently threatening established industry leaders. As many advantages of the past have become commoditized, competitive advantage has become elusive. In today’s hyper-competitive environment, we can no longer simply rely on previous models and expect to win. Clinging to past successes has been the downfall of far too many companies; far too many careers.

In these fist-fighting times, developing a culture of innovation is mission-critical. Innovation is the most powerful force to foster sustainable success. It fuels growth, serves clients, and contributes to mission-based pursuits. Innovative cultures help attract and retain the best and brightest talent and fight back against competitive threats and constricting margins.

Driving innovation at all levels of the organization is something many leaders recognize as critically important, but only a few have embraced a proactive and systematic approach. According to recent research conducted by CB Insights, 85% of organizations agree that innovation is “extremely important” or “very important” to their organization’s growth strategy, yet less than 35% have established processes to develop it.

The one thing that can’t be outsourced or automated is human creativity – it’s an untapped natural resource in most organizations. As human beings, we are all hard-wired for creativity. But too often, rigid schooling, ruthless bosses, and punishing societal pressures systematically extinguish our creative flames. Platypus Labs elevates and transforms organizations by systematically unlocking the creative potential of every team member and stakeholder.

We provide holistic, fully-orchestrated programs to help our clients harness and deploy innovation. We empower our clients to solve complex problems, seize opportunities, and realize profound economic success by unlocking the creative potential of their people through cutting-edge, transformative experiences and methodologies.

With over five decades of experience in the field of innovation, technology, and the science of change, our team of experts bring knowledge and first hand experience to your organization. Disruption is here, don’t let it catch you by surprise. Regain your competitive edge with a strategic innovation plan. Platypus Labs exists to solve this problem.

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