Pitch Night MIA

Monthly pitch competition designed to bring the startup community together




Pitch Night MIA is a monthly pitch competition designed to bring the startup community together for a night of entertainment, education and collaboration.



Miami right now is buzzing with an influx of innovative people, businesses, and opportunities. With everything being so new, it can be challenging for founders and investors to navigate through the different communities and resources available to them. This is especially true for early stage founders who have the most difficulties knowing where to look for support and resources. For startups the most desired opportunity is the chance to get in front of investors. Those looking to fund innovative projects also face similar challenges of not knowing where to look. This leaves a lot of missed opportunities to connect.



The organizers of Pitch Night MIA, James Irvine and Roxette Miranda, understand that with any hub, meeting the right people is important and can make a world of difference. Having hosted dozens of events to build communities of thousands of people across two cities, they have seen the value created from those who have attended. Pitch Night MIA is an extension of Pitch Night NYC which was started in 2018 and expanding into other cities.



Pitch Night MIA features four startups every month who pitch in front of an audience and judges. The participants pitch for 5 minutes each followed by Q&A with the judges after each pitch. The participants all walk away with prizes from partner sponsors such as HubSpot For Startups and SeedLawyers. By creating an experience where the participants, judges, and audience members are all able to collaborate everyone gains value from the community.



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